No matter what type of bike you ride on, getting the right air pressure for the tire is the basic knowledge you should never ignore because it plays a huge role in determining the gripping power and rolling resistance of your tire on the ground. Here is the right air pressure for hybrid bike tires to give you more comfortable and safe riding.

What is Air Pressure?

What is Air Pressure?
Air pressure is the amount of air that inflates into your bike tires which determines the grip levels and rolling resistance of the tire. Some traditional riders believe in myths such as the harder you pump your tire, the faster your bike will roll on roads.

The truth is, getting the wrong measurement of air pressure can cause excess flats and a serious drop-off in the performance and comfort of a bike. Bikers in the modern-day started to care more about getting the ideal tire pressure for their bike, hence the invention of the bicycle tyre pressure calculator can easily be found on the internet.

Bicycle tire pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) and the ideal bicycle tyre pressure PSI differs from one rider to another despite being riding the same type of bike from the same brands and on the same terrain, let alone different type of bike and different terrains.

Things that determine the amount of air pressure needed by a bike tire are:

  • The type of bikes you are riding on;
  • The riding style and terrain riders are riding their bike on;
  • The rider’s overall body weight.

From here, you can conclude that each bicycle tyre pressure chart for a road bike, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and folding bikes is different as well as the mountain bike tire pressure for road riding will be different from when it is used for mountain biking.

Usually, the minimum and maximum tire pressure will be printed on the sidewall of the tire and riders should not inflate their bike tire below or above the recommended air pressure.


Why is Bike Pressure Important?

One of the most cost-free adjustments you can make for your bike is probably by getting the right tire pressure for your tire. The tire is part of the bike that connects you to the road. Lesser the tire pressure will increase the grip level and rolling resistance. On the other hand, increasing the tire pressure will make your tire have less contact with the surface hence, decreasing the grip level and rolling resistance.

In other words, if the tire pressure is low, you will have more control over your bike and the ride is smoother. However, it comes to the price of making the turning harder and could probably damage the bike rim in the process.

On the contrary, if the tire pressure is high, it will give you a faster speed and a bumpy ride with the price of having the tires exposed to more probability of getting the risk of puncture. We definitely won’t like a puncture on our bike. At the same time, we don’t want to risk our tires to a picture but at the same time, damaging the bike’s rim is also a crazy idea.

Best Air Pressure for Hybrid Bike Tires

Best Air Pressure for Hybrid Bike Tires
The recommended hybrid bike tire pressure requires to be level between the road bike PSI chart and mountain bike tire pressure. Hence, it usually lies in the range of 50psi to 70psi. However, a recommended tire pressure is not equal to the ideal tire pressure for riders.

If you are running a timeless tire, you are more likely to afford lower tire pressure while still keeping the performance of benefits of running with higher PSI. This is because a tubeless tire doesn’t have an inner tube so the puncture risk is pushed down to minimal.

Now using the hybrid bike tyre pressure calculator, you should inflate your tire like the following:

  • Riders weigh around 70kgs running on 35mm inner tube tires are suggested to have 50psi of tire pressure for the front tire and 55psi for the rear tire;
  • Riders weighing around 70kgs running in on 35mm tubeless tires are suggested to inflate their bike to 38psi on the front and 40psi on the rear.

For suggested tire pressure adjustment, you should add 1psi for every additional 5kgs over the default 70kgs of weight.


Additional Tips for Tire Pressure

Additional Tips for Tire Pressure
Make sure to check your tire pressure regularly as air might seep out of all tires from a little psi a week to a drastic drop overnight depending on the temperature of current weather. You can check your tire pressure before every ride or once a week—whichever feels more convenient.

For a pumping air device, you can either choose a floor pump or a hand pump. Some floor pumps come with a built-in gauge that will help you determine the tire pressure of your bike whenever you inflate. A hand pump, on the other hand, is more portable and can be carried whenever you are going for a long ride.

Regardless of the pumping tool you choose, it is always best to have a gauge ready and prepared just in case your floor pump gauge couldn’t work or you are going off-road where the floor pump is not convenient to be brought around.

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