As a cyclist, cycling consistently and continuously is a must to get better performance, have fun adventures, and of course, maintain body fitness. Support for consistency does not only come from strong will and determination, choosing the right tires is an important factor. Did you know that cyclists need certain tire specifications for each different season? The reason is, that each season has its weather conditions which have a different influence on the road surface. At least every year, cyclists must have at least 2 sets of tires to anticipate different seasonal conditions.

Of course, cyclists need certain tire specifications to suit grip, rolling resistance, puncture protection, and safety in different seasonal conditions. In summer cyclists need tires with low rolling resistance and plenty of grip. In wet winters and low temperatures, cyclists need tires with high puncture resistance, which means the winter tires are heavier and rolls rotate slightly slower than summer tires. But now cyclists in inland areas don’t need to worry anymore, Schwalbe has created an innovation that is an easier, more efficient, and safer alternative all year round.

The all-season tire straddles the gap between the aforementioned tires. They offer increased levels of protection when compared to a summer tire but roll slightly better than a winter tire. Tires in this camp tend to have limited tread on the shoulders of the tire to help with cornering grip in poor conditions. Welcome the 365 lineup from Schwalbe, all-season tires that make your city traffic, training, and adventures even more dynamic and comfortable!

Get to Know All-Season Tires (365 Lineup)

1. Schwalbe One 365: New All-Season Training Tire

alt: Schwalbe one 365 tyre for all-season training

For the dedicated racer seeking to hone their skills and push their limits, the Schwalbe One 365 is the ultimate training companion. Crafted with a relentless focus on riding dynamics and safety across all seasons, this tire is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance on every ride. Utilizing the high-quality Addix 4 Season Compound found in the entire Schwalbe 365 Line Up, the One 365 boasts a highly versatile rubber compound that adapts effortlessly to year-round cycling demands.

The key advantage of the Addix 4 Season compound lies in its exceptional grip, even in the coldest temperatures, coupled with minimal rolling resistance across all weather conditions. This unique blend ensures a dynamic and comfortable riding experience, allowing cyclists to tackle any terrain with confidence. Moreover, the construction of the One 365 incorporates race-guard protection and a reinforced carcass, enhancing puncture resistance and safeguarding against various obstacles encountered on the road.

In addition to its robust performance features, the Schwalbe One 365 prioritizes rider safety with its sidewall design, offering excellent cut protection to mitigate the risk of sidewall damage. Furthermore, for enhanced visibility during rides in road traffic, the tire features a black stripe reflective strip, providing increased visibility during dusk and nighttime cycling sessions. Importantly, this reflective feature maintains discretion during daylight hours, ensuring a balance between safety and aesthetics.

Schwalbe One 365:New All-Season Training Tire’s Best Use:

Advice for use of Schwalbe One 365 tyre

With its combination of performance, durability, and safety features, the Schwalbe One 365: New All-season is the ideal choice for sporty training rides in any season.

2. Schwalbe G-One Overland 365: The All-Season Gravel Tire

Schwalbe G-One Overland 365 tyre for all-season gravel

For the adventurous cyclist, the exploration of new terrain knows no bounds. Enter the Schwalbe G-One Overland 365, the ultimate tire for sporty all-season commuters and gravel enthusiasts alike. Crafted with the Addix 4 Season Compound, this tire ensures optimal grip even in low temperatures, without compromising on rolling resistance across all conditions. This means a more dynamic riding experience and enhanced comfort for cyclists navigating diverse landscapes.

The tire’s construction boasts RaceGuard protection and a reinforced carcass, offering superior puncture resistance against various obstacles encountered on the trail. This not only enhances safety during rides but also ensures durability for long-lasting performance. Additionally, the sidewall features excellent cut protection, providing added reassurance for cyclists tackling rough terrain.

Schwalbe G-One Overland 365: The All Season Gravel Tire’s Best Use:

Advice for use of Schwalbe G-one Overland 365 tyre

Incorporating a black reflective stripe, the Schwalbe G-One Overland 365 not only serves as a visual highlight but also enhances safety in road traffic by increasing visibility. Its maximum off-road grip and unparalleled traction make it the perfect companion for gravel roads, forest paths, and trails, even in adverse conditions. Whether it’s tackling muddy tracks or navigating through wet ground, this tire excels in providing the stability and control adventurers need for their year-round cycling endeavors.

3. Schwalbe Marathon 365: The All-Season Tire for City Traffic, Touring, and Trekking

Schwalbe Marathon 365 tyre for all-season city, touring, and trekking

For cyclists, navigating urban areas by bicycle is a vital aspect of daily life. Enter Schwalbe Marathon 365, the quintessential tire designed to excel in city traffic, touring, and trekking adventures throughout the year. Replacing its predecessor, the Marathon GT365, the Marathon 365 boasts the innovative Addix 4 Season Compound and a siped tread pattern. This combination ensures maximum grip across all seasons, including cold, wet, and snowy conditions, without compromising on rolling resistance, regardless of temperature fluctuations.

Constructed with Double Defense Greenguard, which incorporates recycled materials, and SnakeSkin technology, the Marathon 365 offers exceptional puncture protection. This feature shields the tire from various obstacles encountered during urban commutes or rugged treks, enhancing safety for cyclists on the road.

Schwalbe Marathon 365: The All-Season Tire for City Traffic, Touring, and Trekking’s Best Use:

Advice for use of Schwalbe Marathon 365 tyre

Adding to its safety features, the Marathon 365 is equipped with a black reflective stripe, serving as a visual highlight and providing additional safety in road traffic. Whether navigating asphalt streets, light gravel paths, or dirt trails, this tire excels in all conditions, including cold, wet, and snowy environments.

With its versatility and reliability, the Schwalbe Marathon 365 is perfectly suited for city traffic, touring, and trekking adventures throughout the year. Cyclists can confidently explore urban landscapes and embark on long-distance journeys knowing they have a tire capable of handling any terrain and weather conditions.

Why Choose The 365 Line Up?

When it comes to choosing the right tire for year-round cycling, the 365 Line Up from Schwalbe offers a compelling solution. Choosing the 365 Line Up by Schwalbe means having the right tire for every cycling adventure, regardless of the season or terrain. The One 365 is perfect for sporty training rides all year long, excelling on roads and highways with its optimal grip and low rolling resistance. For gravel enthusiasts, the G-One Overland 365 is the go-to choice, providing support for adventures on gravel roads, forest paths, and trails, even under adverse conditions. Meanwhile, the Marathon 365 is designed for city traffic, touring, and trekking, offering reliable performance on asphalt, light gravel, dirt roads, and trails, even in cold, wet, and snowy conditions.

With Schwalbe’s all-season tires, cyclists benefit from plenty of grip at low temperatures and excellent rolling resistance across all temperatures. The tires boast high puncture resistance thanks to features like RaceGuard, Carcass Reinforced, and Double Defense GreenGuard, ensuring a safer and more efficient ride all year round. Say goodbye to the hassle of changing tires with the changing seasons and enjoy the ease, efficiency, and safety of all-season cycling with Schwalbe’s 365 Line Up.

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