If you are the type of person who likes to keep up with various news about cycling, you should already be familiar with the benefits of bike riding. But if you are someone who just started to have an interest in cycling and are looking for more motivation to push you forward and start getting on your bike to ride your way around, then you probably want to read this article.

Although the benefits of bike riding are no longer a rare topic, as you can find lots of helpful information out there, still, we will be doing our best to convince you that there will be tons of benefits of biking everyday. Without any extra introduction, keep scrolling and enjoy your reading.

Is Doing Bike Riding Healthy?

Riding a bike has become the new trendy lifestyle in recent years. Indeed, cycling is beyond a fun hobby that every child does during their playtime. Even as an adult, there are a lot of cycling exercise benefits to experience. So the question of whether or not bike riding is healthy is an understatement.

Although overdoing the bike riding may lead to a severe injury, especially when you are not 100% following the rules made by the Land Authority of Transportation (LTA) or don’t do a thorough bike inspection before getting on your wheel. However, the cycling disadvantages won’t win over the benefits of bike cycling.

6 Benefits of Bike Riding

You should be familiar with the quote “mens sana in corpore sano,”, which translates into “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” This phrase is often used to express the theory about how physical exercise is becoming an essential part of mental well-being as well.

This phrase is proven to be accurate, and biking can be one of the physical exercises that are not only beneficial for your health but also fun and bring a positive impact to your overall lifestyle. Here are things you will gain by keeping up the daily biking activities:

Improving Cardiovascular Health

Improving Cardiovascular Health

First of all, cycling is a cardiovascular activity. Therefore, it can help riders to strengthen their heart. It also makes riders’ skeletal muscles more insulin-sensitive, allowing a cyclist’s body to control blood sugar levels better than ordinary people who don’t exercise.

Control of blood sugar is essential for clear arteries and good heart health. At the same time, it can prevent cyclists from risk of diabetes. According to the report from The British Medical Association, by cycling for around 20 miles a week, cyclists may be able to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease in half.

Protecting Against Breast Cancer

Protecting Against Breast Cancer

One of the most significant cycling benefits for ladies is lowering breast cancer risk. Citing the reports of The National Cancer Institute, there’s around 12% of the average breast cancer risk reduction is associated with physical activities of women in both premenopausal and post-menopausal.

In conclusion, women who increase their physical activities will have a lower risk of breast cancer than women who don’t. One of the suitable physical activities mentioned includes cycling.

Have a Better Lung Health

Have a Better Lung Health

A joint study by the Healthy Air Campaign, Camden Council, and Kings College London noticed that cyclists are exposed to fewer dangerous fumes than any other road users, including pedestrians.

In their studies, drivers, bus users, pedestrians, and cyclists are attached with air pollution detectors while the subjects travel the busy route in central London. The result shows that drivers experienced five times higher pollution than cyclists while pedestrians in three and a half more and bus users were two and half times.

Boosting the Mental Health and Brain Power

Boosting the Mental Health and Brain Power

Focusing on the road ahead or your cadence when riding a bike will help you to improve your concentration and awareness of the present moment as well as alter your mind from negative thoughts. Besides, exercise promotes the release of endorphins in your body which helps to feel better and lower your stress level.

The research funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council under the UK Research Councils’ Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Programme also discovered that outdoor biking helps to improve the cognitive functioning and well-being of older adults.

Helps in Weight Loss

Helps in Weight Loss

It is not rocket science to acknowledge that cycling helps in burning calories. Research suggests that cyclists might burn around 300 calories per hour depending on the intensity and riders’ weight.

To answer the question about whether is cycling good for weight loss or not, the answer is a yes. But of course, riders will need to pay attention to their meal plan as well. In addition, the resistance element of cycling helps muscle building, particularly around hamstrings, glutes, quads, and calves. In conclusion, there is also a significant effect of cycling on body shape.

Makes You Look Younger

Makes You Look Younger

Unsurprisingly, there are also benefits of cycling for the skin, as regular cycling activities lead to increased circulation that boosts collagen production and efficiently delivers the nutrients around the skin, allowing riders to have fresh and healthy skin while looking younger than their actual age. But of course, riders need to remember to apply SPF sunblock when riding under the glaring sunlight.

Disadvantage of Cycling

The significant disadvantages of cycling are the risk of an accident regardless of riding around a rural or urban area. However, you can prevent this from happening by following traffic laws.

Remember always to check your bike function before every ride and avoid wearing any loose clothing that might be in your bike chains. When riding during the night, remember to turn on your bike lights and reflector so another road user can notice you are coming.



As mentioned above, between the cycling benefits and disadvantages, the former has gotten the upper hand. You can avoid getting caught in a traffic accident by obediently following the cycling rules made by the government. At the same time, there is no other option to keep your healthy lifestyle in a fun and enjoyable way better than riding a bike.

Imagine how much medical expenses you can save just by cycling. Gaining the ideal body shape while improving your brain functions is no longer a daydream. Besides, cycling might widen your chance to grow your social relationship.

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