In the dynamic world of cross-country (XC) cycling, where the terrain is as diverse as the challenges it presents, having the right tires can elevate a rider’s performance to new heights. SCHWALBE, a leader in tyre technology, understands the importance of innovation and precision in the pursuit of excellence. That’s why they’ve introduced Racing Ray for the front wheel and Racing Ralph for the rear wheel – a winning combination designed to meet the demands of modern XC tracks.

Racing Ray and Racing Ralph have been meticulously crafted to tackle the challenges posed by modern XC racecourses. With a strategic focus on distinct front and rear-specific designs, these tyres aim to enhance cornering, acceleration, grip, rolling resistance, and braking performance. Schwalbe highlights the evolution of XC courses, noting their increased technicality, speed, and complexity. Today’s courses demand agility and versatility as riders navigate swiftly from punchy climbs to challenging descents, encountering obstacles like roots, rocks, and man-made bridges along the way.

Racing Ray at The Front: Precision and Control

Leading the charge is Racing Ray, a tyre specifically designed for the front wheel with an extra-aggressive XC tread pattern. This tread pattern offers precise steering response, allowing riders to navigate tight corners and technical sections with ease. Whether carving through berms or negotiating rocky terrain, Racing Ray provides reliable cornering and confidence-inspiring grip, even at the limit. Its sportive handling and direct feedback give riders the assurance they need to push their limits, while its ability to deliver good and controlled braking under all conditions ensures safety and control on fast descents.

Racing Ralph at The Back: Acceleration and Versatility

Driving momentum from the rear is Racing Ralph, a tyre known for its versatility and exceptional performance. With a fast and versatile XC tread pattern, Racing Ralph offers super traction and excellent acceleration, allowing riders to maintain speed on both climbs and descents. Its excellent rolling characteristics ensure a smooth and efficient ride, even on rough terrain. The Addix Speed compound further enhances its performance, providing speed, stability, and durability for long-lasting performance in any condition.

Why Choose Schwalbe Racing Ray & Ralph?

Schwalbe racing ray and ralph tyre

With their advanced tread patterns, cutting-edge compounds, and innovative technologies, Racing Ray and Racing Ralph are the tires of choice for XC champions. Endorsed by top athletes and trusted by riders around the globe, these tires have already proven their worth on the toughest XC tracks, including the Absa Cape Epic Series.

Racing Ray and Racing Ralph have solidified their status as champions on some of the most prestigious stages in mountain biking. In the Absa Cape Epic 2024, riders like Andreas Seewald & Marc Stutzman, who emerged victorious in Stage 3 for UCI Men, showcased the prowess of these tires. Similarly, Simon Schneller & Urs Huber claimed victory in the Grand Finale for UCI Men, further solidifying the dominance of Racing Ray and Racing Ralph on the rugged terrain of the Cape Epic. Not to be outdone, Karl Platt – The Legend, secured the title of Absa Cape Epic 2024 Winners in the Master’s Men category, underscoring the versatility and performance of these tires across different age groups and disciplines.

Looking back at the Absa Cape Epic 2023, the winning streak of Racing Ray and Racing Ralph continued with riders like Georg Egger and Lukas Baum, who clinched victory in the UCI Men category. Once again, Karl Platt – The Legend, asserted his dominance in the Master’s Men category, proving that Racing Ray and Racing Ralph are the tires of choice for riders at the top of their game.

Beyond the Absa Cape Epic, Racing Ralph and Racing Ray have also left their mark in the Cross Country Olympic 2020 and various UCI competitions. Mathias Flückiger’s World Championship Silver in the Men’s Elite category is a testament to the performance and reliability of these tires on the world stage. With their consistent success in both XC stage races and elite competitions, Racing Ray and Racing Ralph have become the go-to choice for top teams and athletes looking to reach new heights in their mountain biking endeavors.

Terrain: Conquering the Cape Epic and Beyond

Conquering the cape epic terrain and beyond

The Absa Cape Epic stands as the pinnacle of mountain biking stage races, drawing competitors from around the globe to test their mettle on its challenging routes. Spanning approximately 700 kilometers with a staggering 17,000 meters of climbing, this grueling event pushes riders to their limits both physically and mentally. What sets the Absa Cape Epic apart is its unique team format, where competitors ride in pairs, and both riders must finish to compete in the general classification. This dynamic adds an extra layer of strategy and camaraderie to the race, as teams must work together to overcome obstacles and reach the finish line.

The terrain of the Absa Cape Epic varies from year to year, but it typically encompasses a combination of rocky and sandy tracks. This diverse landscape presents a formidable challenge to riders, requiring them to adapt to changing conditions and terrain types. For the 2024 edition of the race, the terrain is expected to feature hardpack sections that are well-suited to tires like Racing Ray and Racing Ralph.

Racing Ray boasts an aggressive tread and Addix Speedgrip compound, perfect for precise steering and excellent grip on any terrain. Meanwhile, Racing Ralph offers exceptional rolling resistance and acceleration, ensuring stability and durability on hardpack surfaces. Together, they form a winning combination for the Absa Cape Epic, providing elite riders with unmatched versatility and performance. With their proven track record and advanced technology, Racing Ray and Racing Ralph are the ultimate choices for conquering the toughest XC tracks.

Find Racing Ray and Racing Ralph Now!

Whether you’re tackling technical singletrack, grinding out long climbs, or blazing down fast descents, Racing Ray and Racing Ralph are the ultimate companions for your XC journey.

Racing Ray boasts an aggressive XC tread pattern, offering precise steering response and reliable cornering grip, essential for navigating technical terrain with confidence. Its sportive handling and Addix Speedgrip Compound ensure controlled braking and durability, making it a top choice for XC racers.

Advice for using Schwalbe Racing Ray tires

Racing Ralph delivers exceptional traction and acceleration with its fast and versatile XC tread. Its excellent rolling characteristics and Addix Speed Compound provide stability and durability, perfect for both XC racing and all-mountain adventures.

Advice for using Schwalbe Racing Ralph tires

Schwalbe’s Super Race construction prioritizes speed and agility, ideal for XC racers seeking peak performance. Meanwhile, Super Ground features SnakeSkin construction, offering enhanced durability and puncture protection for versatile riding, from XC to all-mountain terrain.

You can find these two brothers at Rodalink! Elevate your performance, conquer new challenges, and join the ranks of champions with Racing Ray and Racing Ralph from Rodalink.

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