When you get a flat tire, it can usually be dealt with by repairing or changing the inner tube. While some cyclists find it challenging to remove the inner tube and get it fixed, changing an inner tube is not as hard if you know the trick. In this article, we will be sharing some knowledge you might want to save regarding how to change a road bike tire inner tube. Make sure you scroll till the end and have an excellent reading!

Tools You Need to Change Road Bike Tire Inner Tube

Initially, it is still possible for riders to get the tire off its rim without levers. Some cyclists also prefer this to minimize the accidental pinch risk. However, some others find it quite challenging to remove and reinstall bike tires without tools.

If you decide to get a tire lever to make your work easier, avoid investing in a cheap tire lever, as they are easier to snap and bend as well as the tire levers that are made of metal will damage your rim, especially if you have a carbon rim.

Next, you will need a decent pump. For offroad riding, a hand pump will be more convenient to carry around, but if you are aiming for tire pressure around 60psi or above, you may have to consider getting the workshop track pump to get your job done efficiently.

The most crucial part you should prepare whenever you are riding outdoors is to get the new road bike inner tube ready on your backpack while ensuring it is in the correct sizing, matches your tire, and has the compatible valve type and length.

How to Change Road Bike Tire Inner Tube

To change the road bike tire inner tube, you will need to follow these steps:

Remove Wheel and Deflate Your Tire

Remove Wheel and Deflate Your Tire

You have to know that you can’t change inner tube without removing wheel; hence, the first thing you need to do is remove your bike wheel from the bike frame and make sure the tire has already entirely deflated.

For better control over your bike during the tire replacement, you can carefully flip your bike so it rests on the seat and handlebars.

There are two ways to let out air from a tire depending on the valve type, such:

  • For the Presta valve, you can loosen the small barrel at the top of the valve slightly, then press it down to let out the remaining air on the tire;
  • For the Schrader valve, you can depress the pin in the center of the valve to let the air out from your tire.

Unseat the Tire

Unseat the Tire

Once the inner tube has been deflated, force the tire bead to the center of the rim by pushing the tire inwards. If the tire is loose, you can get the slack to one place by shaking it or moving the tire around the wheel in the opposite directions simultaneously to aim for as much slack as possible.

If you get enough strength, try to remove the tire edge from the bike rim using your thumb. This method eliminates the possibility of getting the internal pipe trapped between the bike edge and tire levers while detaching it.

Take Out the Inner Tube

Take Out the Inner Tube

Despite knowing how to change bike inner tube without a tire lever, it still will be easier for you to take out the inner tube with the help of a tire lever. You only have to be careful with the tire lever you are planning to use by making sure it is not made of metal material yet not easily bent or, worse, snapped.

Insert the tire lever under the bead of the outer tire at the opposite end of the wheel from the valve with an inline position ranging around four to six inches (about 10 to 15cm) apart from one wheel spokes.

After that, you can press down one of the levers to lift the edge of the tire up and over the rim and hook the bottom lever around the spoke so it will be in place. Repeat this method on the other side of the lever to get more of the tire over the rim. If your tire is exceptionally tight, try to use both levers simultaneously and ease off the tire.

Once you successfully lift the first section of the outer tire off the rim using the levers, the rest of it can be easier to get pulled out with bare hands. Then, push the valve back through the opening located on the rim to pull out the inner tube after pushing the valve back through its hole.

How to Install Road Bike Tire Inner Tube

How to Install Road Bike Tire Inner Tube

As mentioned before, you need to prepare an extra tube packed as one of your cycling gear before actually going for a ride. You will also have to ensure the inner tube is in the correct size to fit the diameter and width of your tire. You can refer to the bike inner tube sizes chart from the manufacturer or by looking at the side wall of your tire.

For example, the Polygon road bike tube for the Polygon Strattos S5 Disc tire tube is 700c x 28, so you will have to find a tube no more prominent than that size to avoid the inner tube getting pinched between the tire and rim to bring you a new puncture.

To install the new inner tube back into your tire, follow these steps:

  • Carefully press your finger around the outer tire to inspect it and make sure there’s no sharp object that will cause a puncture to your new inner tube;
  • Place the inner tube valve inside the rim as a starter;
  • Knead the internal tubing into the tire, so it doesn’t protrude over the rim’s edge. In this step, you need to ensure you are not twisting or pinching the inner tube;
  • Coax the tire over the rim using your thumb starting from the opposite part of the valve;
  • When the tire is almost all tucked in, you can use the screwdriver or prying tool to get the last bit back on. When doing this step, make sure to be extra careful and not to push the tools inside too far to avoid popping a hole in your new tube.

Some cyclists will prefer to inflate the inner tube with a bit of air before tucking the tire back into the wheel. However, you can choose to inflate the tire after the tire is firmly seated inside the rim. You can use the hand pump or track pump to pump your tire into the recommended air pressure according to your riding style and weight. Don’t forget to put the fastener and cap on once you are done.

Spin your tire to vertically check the alignment of the tire, ensuring the tire has been properly seated. If you notice anything unusual, you can deflate and knead the afflicted part and reinflate the tire.



By getting an idea on how to replace a bike inner tube, you no longer need to rely on your internet and search for “bike inner tube replacement near me” whenever you come across a flat tire, especially during outdoor rides.

You can bring your old inner tube tire home after replacing it with the new one and inspect the inner tube to find out what caused the flats. If the damage is still repairable, you can consider fixing it and using it back when necessary.

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