As the successor to the classic Muddy Mary, Schwalbe praises the new Magic Mary as a versatile all-around tyre with excellent grip in muddy soils. Sounds like the perfect tire for the wet season? Indeed, Schwalbe Magic Mary has not only inherited the legacy of its predecessor but has evolved to become the ultimate choice for downhill (DH) and enduro riders seeking unparalleled performance and confidence on the most challenging trails.

Below is the positioning of Magic Mary in Schwalbe’s MTB tire lineup:

Schwalbe mtb tyre lineup

When it comes to conquering the rugged terrain of downhill (DH) and enduro mountain biking, selecting the right tyre is paramount. Unlike road bikes, urban commuters, gravel grinders, or cross-country (XC) riders, DH and enduro cyclists face unique challenges that demand specialized tires. While road and urban tyres prioritize speed and smoothness, gravel tires focus on traction and durability, and XC tires emphasize lightweight and efficiency. In contrast, DH and enduro tyres like the Schwalbe Magic Mary prioritize aggressive tread patterns, robust construction, and superior grip to tackle steep descents, technical terrain, and unpredictable conditions with confidence.

The Legendary Downhill and Enduro Tire: Schwalbe Magic Mary – Super Gravity

Schwalbe Magic Mary – Super Gravity is the top choice for downhill (DH) and enduro athletes everywhere. Made with premium materials and cutting-edge technology, this tire is perfect for those who want top-notch downhill performance without the extra weight of a pure downhill tire. Its Super Gravity casing, reinforced with Snakeskin protection, offers excellent puncture and sidewall cut resistance. With its versatile design, it’s great for almost any track or condition, delivering exceptional performance when you need it most.

Key Features:

  • Strong Shoulder Studs and Aggressive Tread: These provide maximum braking traction and cornering grip, even in muddy terrain, while also effectively shedding mud and debris.
  • V-Grooves: Specially developed for Magic Mary, these grooves help every stud grip the ground for added traction.
  • Angled Studs: Positioned in the middle of the tread, these optimize rolling characteristics for smoother rides.
  • Fair Trade Rubber: Produced with ethically sourced rubber, ensuring sustainability and quality.
  • Tire Width Options: Available in 2.40 and 2.60 widths, ideal for downhill and enduro riding.
  • Versatility: Perfect as a front tire for DH or enduro, and also suitable as a rear tire for soft terrain.

The Schwalbe Magic Mary – Super Gravity tire is engineered to push the limits, offering unmatched grip, durability, and performance for DH and enduro riders of all levels.

Schwalbe Magic Mary – Super Gravity using two highest Addix compounds: Addix Soft and Addix Ultrasoft:

Schwalbe magic mary super gravity mountain bikes tyre

Addix Soft: 

This compound is versatile, excelling across various disciplines. It offers excellent damping and performs exceptionally well in enduro, downhill, all-mountain, and trail riding. It can be effectively paired with other ADDIX tyres for different purposes, such as enhancing speed with a Soft front and Speedgrip rear or increasing damping with an ultra-soft front and Soft rear.

Addix Ultrasoft: 

Designed for hardcore enduro and downhill riding, ADDIX ULTRA SOFT surpasses the previous VertStar compound in damping performance. Its improved low-temperature properties make it suitable for all-weather use, providing exceptional grip and damping even in challenging conditions. Extremely soft and grippy, ADDIX Ultrasoft practically sticks to the ground, ensuring maximum damping and grip for tackling the toughest trails.

Schwalbe magic mary usage guide

Schwalbe Magic Mary – Super Gravity is available on Rodalink Bike Shop.

Why Choose Magic Mary?

Schwalbe Magic Mary – Super Gravity emerges as the top choice for riders venturing into the realms of Downhill and Enduro cycling. Its Super Gravity construction ensures durability and reliability, crucial for tackling the most demanding terrains with confidence.

This tire is particularly well-suited for mixed and soft terrain, excelling even in extremely muddy conditions. Its aggressive tread pattern provides exceptional grip, allowing riders to navigate tricky sections with ease and control.

Magic Mary isn’t just limited to one position on the bike. It performs admirably as both a front and rear tire in downhill or enduro setups. The choice between using it in the front or rear largely depends on personal preference and the nature of the terrain being tackled. Here are some commonly used combinations:

Schwalbe tyre combination table

Numerous Schwalbe athletes, including revered legends of downhill and enduro riding, swear by Magic Mary. Its proven track record includes victories at prestigious events like the UCI Downhill World Cup, showcasing its ability to deliver podium-worthy performance under the most intense competitive pressure.

Terrain: Where Magic Mary Shines

Schwalbe magic mary tyre terrain

Magic Mary thrives in a variety of terrain types, making it a versatile option for DH and enduro riding. From loose gravel and mud to rocky descents and root-laden trails, Magic Mary’s aggressive tread pattern digs deep into the dirt, providing unparalleled grip and control. Whether you’re navigating through technical rock gardens or charging down steep chutes, Magic Mary inspires confidence and allows riders to push their limits with ease. Its ability to shed mud and debris ensures consistent performance in adverse weather conditions, making it the ideal choice for all-season riding.

Get Your Hands on Magic Mary at Rodalink

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