Buy Road Bike – Before you get the bike that you need, do your own research. You will need to see several types of road bikes before deciding on your first one – this experience might be a little overwhelming at first – no worries! Check this guide out for you to be able to find your own.

The Guide Before You Purchase Your First Road Bike

1. Choose More Lightweight Material

Choose More Lightweight Material

Looking forward to being fast? One of the answers is choosing a lightweight road bike. Usually, roadies will aim for better speed by looking at the material specification. You might wonder, how this will affect your performance of riding? As the backbone of the bicycle, you surely will interact frequently with your frame. If your material is too hard, you can’t reach certain types of speed on-road riding. The most common materials that are used for bicycles are Aluminum, Steel, and Chromoly.

If we are comparing the three materials in terms of weight, Chromoly is slightly lighter than Aluminium, while Carbon frame is the lightest compared to the other two. Carbon road bikes usually do a better job of absorbing the road vibration, resulting in a more comfortable ride for the rider. It is also stiff and responsive, perfect for races. While offering many advantages, you should note that a lighter frame sometimes means a more expensive price for the bicycle.

2. Find the Fit Size For You

Find the Fit Size For You

The next thing that needs your attention is, of course, the size. The bicycle needs to be fit because as a roadie, you need to have very little additional weight to the bicycle. You need to be comfortable as you increase speed and maneuver around on the road.

Examine the geometry of the bike and take note of the reach and other measurements. You can also go on a bike fitting class/service before deciding to proceed with a purchase to make sure you know the exact size of your road bicycle. The bike that you buy needs to have the right size with the right components to give you the best cycling experience. Components – from the groupset to the brakes – will be the right boost for your cycling performance if you equip the right ones.

3. Maximizing Comfort and Speed

The wheelset is also one of the important things on a road bicycle. The aerodynamic wheelset helps your bicycle to move faster with ease. Some of the finest road bike wheelsets are made out of lightweight materials that will help reduce the overall weight of the riders and the bicycle.

To add more comfort especially when you need to hold on tight to the bicycle during a high speed, you need to add some bar tape. Holding on to a comfortable bar tape will reduce the hand numbness, especially if you are going at a high speed for a long time. You need to properly install the bar tape on the handlebar to make sure it gives you the best comfort.

Now you are good to go to get your first road bike. Choose wisely, because it is not only your ride, it’s your partner in speed! Not sure where to go first? You might be interested in checking the road bike selections on two great quality brands in Rodalink: Polygon and Marin. Simply click down below and explore more!

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