The Lion City offers great natural landmarks selections to explore, especially for outdoor activities and sports. Let’s take a break from the intensity and dull routine for some cycling adventure around Singapore’s gardens and parks, shall we? From scenic route to adrenaline-pumped trails, get ready for pedal down through these fines cycling spots worth trying.

The Scenic Road – City Cycling Spots

As our city is getting connected and cycling-friendly with the development of Park Connector Network (PCN), there are more interesting road-city cycling routes emerging. The routes offer tranquil parks to scenic sunsets that are perfect for short escape from busy everyday life. Bring your road and city bikes along! Don’t forget to ride with maximum speed 25km/hr on the bicycle path for you and other users’ convenience.

Read more on our top 5 of road-city cycling routes for you. The picks include numerous green pockets and parks along the Eastern Coastal Loop to the scenic, yet suitable for weekend rides Marina Bay Loop. It’s always be a good start to plan your route before anything else!

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The Green Hybrid/Gravel Bike Spots

A hybrid/gravel bike enables you to go with less worry, even when you have to cross the slightly uneven terrain. A lot of people prefer this bike for commuting, utility, and family ride because of its versatility. Designed with comfortable geometry for a longer ride, also sometimes a suspension fork, hybrid bike is ready for an energizing ride in the nature.

Within the article, you will find the exhilarating adventure to great natural landscape, rich heritage with restored landmark bridges and get personal through various parks and greenways. Soak yourself in the beauty of nature while also relishing some sweat; exercising can never be this soothing before. Find the hybrid/gravel tracks that are suitable for your difficulty level simply by clicking the button below.

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The Exciting Mountain Bike Spots

Here comes the adrenaline pump trails for MTB riders! Cycle across the climbs, sharp curves, muddy trails and rocky roadways are perfect to build your speed, strength and stamina. After choosing the right MTB companion, you deserve an exciting ride on trails by the weekend!

These options of popular Singapore MTB trails are perfect for any range of skill: from beginner to extremely skilful rider. Some of them even has a recognition from International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), a worldwide mountain bike advocate. In choosing where to ride, also consider your fitness and strength; don’t underestimate the effort needed for the ride. Take distance, elevation, terrain etc into consideration, so you won’t end up in state of great fatigue.

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Cycling through Singapore’s parks and natural landmarks can both be a good exercise and a great escape from the mundane routine. From beginner to expert level, the country has various tracks to ride along with your bike. So, have you decided which track you want to explore for your next ride?