Cycling Tips – Cycling is a very fun activity. Many bikers kick their pedals just to simply eliminate fatigue and be relaxed. But, the cycling activity should also be done with full concentration. To stay safe along the way, the riders must understand the rules of cycling on the streets. Following are the cycling tips for the riders to always be safe during the ride.

Tips on Cycling on the street to Keep you Safe and Happy.

1. Make sure the Bike Is In The Prime Condition

Taking care of a bicycle is an indispensable requirement. The most common cycling tips are taking care of the bikes. But what kind of care you need to do to your bike? Your chain should always be free of dirt buildup. To achieve that, you need to clean your chain periodically and apply lubricant after you washed away the previous grime. The brakes also need to be replaced periodically to make sure you can maneuver properly on the streets. Other than the care you give personally, a professional care is also needed to ensure you will stay on the road smoothly.

2. Use The Appropriate Equipment

Helmets, jersey, gloves, knee and elbow shields, as well as some additional needs, such as handbags and bottles, are also needed during cycling. Make sure you also use the items that match the terrain. Use a road bike helmet while driving on a road bike instead of using an MTB helmet. Also, make sure each bike kit that you carry is compatible with another item that you bring. Raincoat and smartphone cover for driving in the rain is also one of the important aspects that you need to prepare.

3. Use Hand Alert

Without the marker lights to turn, riders will have trouble signaling to the vehicle behind it. That’s why riders need to use hand gestures when cycling. When you want to turn left or move to the lane on your left, make sure you lift your left hand at shoulder level to give the signal to turn. Learn also various other cues from other cycling tips to help riders maneuver on the road.

4. Make Sure You Are Always Visible to Other Riders

Using bright colors as well as reflective surfaces is one of the most important cycling tips. Why? The bright colors and reflective surfaces on the bike will help you stay well visible on the road, especially during the night or foggy weather. Also, use headlamps and rear lights to make sure other riders can always see you.

5. Respect The Pedestrian

When you are using the bike, respect those who are walking on the sidewalk or going to cross the street. Give them a chance to cross and don’t use a really loud horn on the pedestrian. Everybody is using the street as an equal, so treat them with respect.