When you’re looking for the best mountain bike shoes, there are many options from which to choose. First, decide whether you want flat-pedal or clipless pedals—you can then narrow down your search by other factors like shoe material and price point. Mountain bike shoes offer a solid platform for delivering power, and strong construction to keep your feet protected during steep descents and technical terrain—all while providing a secure fit for long days on the trail.

The 5 best budget MTB shoes below include types of bike shoes that have a lightweight cross-country (XC) design for long rides and non-technical rides, trail models that can handle moderately rough terrain, and the toughest options for jumping.

Let’s discuss the best MTB shoes under $150 in Singapore, Rodalink’s version below!

1. Shimano SH-MX100 MTB Bike Shoes

1. Shimano SH-MX100 MTB Bike Shoes

The Shimano SH-MX100 is a shoe built on comfort and reliable quality. This is truly a great Off-Road and Cross country shoe, perfect for the beginning cyclist who wants to take the next step. Here are some of the features:

  • Soft sock-like upper provides comfortable pedaling support and a snug fit
  • Quick tension Y-shaped cross straps hold the instep securely for a smooth pedaling,
  • Versatile MTB rubber outsole pattern supports stable pedaling and walking
  • Reflective heel slip enhances visibility,
  • A breathable synthetic leather composite upper with added ventilation provides a reliable fit

It has Shimano pedaling dynamics technology, last technology, outsole stiffness 5. This shoe has the XC racing type, with a cross strap closure system, and SPD type cleats.These shoes also have PD-M520, PD-ED500 pedals, suitable for supporting your MTB journey and weighing around 325 gr. The price for these shoes is under $75.

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2. Shimano Bike Shoes Enduro SH-AM503

2. Shimano Bike Shoes Enduro SH-AM503

The Shimano SH-AM503 Enduro Bike Shoes provide stylish, performance, protection, comfort. The SH-AM503 features a high-grip rubber sole with traction treads on the toe and heel that are comfortable to wear even when walking. Pedal channels offer great stability from shoe to pedal even when not clamped. Sturdy toe cap provides added protection to the toe as well as a snug fit for all-day riding comfort. Here are some of the features:

  • Pedal channel for a stable shoe-to-pedal platform when not clamped
  • Grippy SHIMANO rubber outsole with insole and heel enhances stability during grip and walking
  • Padded ankle and asymmetrically raised sidewall sole for added protection
  • Made from premium materials that are comfortable to wear all day while cycling Robust toe cap for added foot protection
  • Durable synthetic mesh for protection and breathability
  • Better bike control and walkability with extended midfoot cleat range
  • Lighter, stronger and more durable than natural leather.

Having SPD technology, E-Bike rated, last tour volume & pedal channel, this shoe has a trail enduro type with a shoe lace closure system. It has SPD type cleats, PD-ME700 pedals, with the MTB genre and a around weight of 440 gr. These shoes have a price range of around $90.

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3. Shimano SH-GR501 Gravity Bike Shoes

3. Shimano SH-GR501 Gravity Bike Shoes

Shimano produces footwear for both road and off-road riders, with models designed to fit a variety of needs. The GR5 is one shoe designed by Shimano’s Gravity team specifically for downhill mountain biking. It has many features:

  • Synthetic upper with mesh
  • Reinforced toe and ankle
  • Proprietary Shimano rubber outsole
  • Elastic “lace-keeper” for managing laces
  • Great pedal feel

The Shimano GR5 is a well-designed and assembled shoe, but it’s rubber outsole makes it stand out. The heel and toe are treaded to help with off-the-bike traction. The smooth hexagon pattern on the shoe’s sweet spot provides optimal engagement with platform pedals. In use, this makes shifting during a ride simple—simply reposition your foot for increased traction when needed and lock it back in place! This Shimano shoe has a synthetic leather+mesh upper material, and a rubber outsole material. It has a cleat type flat pedal, the best match pedal-PD-GR500/PD-GR400, suitable for mountain biking and weighs about 350gr. These shoes are priced under $110.

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4. Shimano AM702 Gravity Bike Shoes

4. Shimano AM702 Gravity Bike Shoes

Still in the gravity shoe series, the Shimano AM702 Gravity Bike Shoes are a versatile downhill/enduro SPD shoe with excellent pedaling performance. Here are some of the features:

  • Maximize grip and durability with SHIMANO compound and pattern
  • Absorb less water and dry quickly with mesh and TPU upper
  • Sturdy toe cap for added toe protection
  • Asymmetrically raised padded ankle collar and sidewall insoles for added protection
  • Pedal channels for stable shoes to pedal platforms when not attached

This Shimano shoe has heat control with mesh perforated synthetic upper material. It has molded toe cap technology for additional toe protection, an ultra-grip rubber sole with toe, and heel traction tread to improve walking. This shoe has a gravity type with SPD type cleats, pedals PDM647, PD-M545, suitable for mountain biking and has a weight around 408 gr. These shoes range in price from $135 to $139.

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5. Shimano SH-ET700 Trekking Bike Shoes

5. Shimano SH-ET700 Trekking Bike Shoes

The Shimano SH-ET700 Trekking Bike Shoes are balanced and optimized to be the ultimate bike or hiking solution for cyclists. These shoes can provide a better cycling experience than ordinary sneakers or trekking shoes, providing longer riding comfort, better bicycle control, comfortable walkability, and special protection for cycling. Here are some of the features:

  • The single Boa L6 dial with optimized lacing pattern quickly and comfortably secures the shoe for efficient riding.
  • The Splash Shield forefoot membrane protects the toe with light water resistance without compromising fit or comfort.
  • Efficiency pedaling power transmission with semi-rigid power transfer blade.
  • Adaptive outsole cross-grooves create better grip with a variety of cage & pedal pin types.
  • The 360° traction block pattern offers better grip on a variety of pedals and terrain.
  • The up & down traction design block pattern on the heel & toe provides great grip over a variety of terrains.
  • Protective toe box and reflective details.

These Shimano shoes have synthetic leather + mesh upper materials, rubber + EVA outsole materials, and glass fiber reinforced nylon midsole materials. Has splash shield technology, volume tour last, E-Bike rated, outsole stiffness, synthetic leather & BOA closure technology. These shoes have pedals PD-T8000/PD-EH500/PD-M8141/PD-GR500, with MTB genre and weight 335 gr. The price range for these shoes is around $139.

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After reading this article, you can choose to use regular shoes or take your cycling skills to a more professional level using shoes specifically for mtb cycling. You can choose between the 5 MTB shoes above for your consideration, which of course are pocket-friendly! No matter which shoes you choose, safety and comfort come first!

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