Have you ever dreamed of turning your indoor cycling sessions into a ride that feels just as thrilling as being out on the open road? The Elite Justo Bike Trainer makes that dream a reality. With unmatched responsiveness and accuracy, the Justo brings a whole new level of excitement to your workouts. Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or just someone who loves to stay fit, especially in a bustling place like Singapore where indoor cycling is all the rage, the Justo Bike Trainer will completely transform how you train indoors!

Technical Specifications and Update Highlights of Justo

The Elite Justo Bike Trainer is a premier option in interactive smart trainers. Elite has taken significant strides to ensure that Justo leads the market with its advanced features and superior performance. Let’s delve into the detailed specifications and highlight the updates that make Justo a top-tier choice for indoor cycling.

1. General Specifications

The Elite Justo is designed to meet the needs of serious cyclists looking for a high-quality indoor training experience. Here’s a breakdown of its key specifications:

Specifications Details
Type Direct-drive interactive smart trainer
Flywheel 7.2 kg
Power Accuracy <1%
Max Slope Simulation 24%
Max Power Output 2300W at 40 km/h
Connectivity Bluetooth, ANT+
Compatibility Gravel bike, road bike, and MTB
Dimensions (closed) 570 x 195 x 520 mm
Weight 16.2 kg
Extras Die-casting body, folding legs, compatible with Elite RIZER, 24 points pedal analysis

2. New Features and Updates

The Elite Justo Bike Trainer introduces several innovative features and updates to enhance your cycling experience:

  • New Elite Flex Feet: These interchangeable feet are designed to enhance the realism of your pedaling experience, adjusting to the rigidity of the selected model. They mimic the authentic pressure and oscillations experienced while cycling outdoors, aligning your indoor pedaling with your natural outdoor style.
  • Power Reading Accuracy: Equipped with a new, more sensitive sensor, the Justo improves overall accuracy by 33% compared to the Direto XR-T (from +/- 1.5% to +/- 1%), especially in low torque conditions. This allows the trainer to simulate lower slope gradients at high speeds more accurately.
  • Auto Calibration: The Justo automatically detects the right conditions for calibration during your training sessions and performs the calibration itself, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
  • Redesigned and Heavier Flywheel: The new 6.2 kg flywheel is 22% heavier than the one in the Direto XR-T, providing a smoother and more realistic riding feel. Its aerodynamic structure also contributes to a quieter ride.
  • Lower Noise Level: Thanks to its new design and heavier flywheel, the Justo operates at a lower noise level, making your indoor sessions more pleasant.
  • Improved ERG Mode Power Stability: The updated brake control algorithm reduces power fluctuations in ERG mode, offering a more stable and consistent training experience.
  • Double Bluetooth Connection: The Justo can connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, providing enhanced connectivity options.
  • Heart Rate/Cadence Sensor Bridge Connection: You can connect an HR and/or cadence sensor to the trainer (both ANT and BLE), and the values will be rebroadcasted to your training software via ANT+ FE-C and BLE FTMS. The Justo can also create a virtual HR sensor, allowing you to use an ANT HR sensor with a Bluetooth-only device, like an iPhone.
  • ERG Mode Easy Start: This feature makes it easier to resume your intervals after briefly stopping. When the flywheel stops spinning, the resistance is removed until you start pedaling again. The trainer gives you a few seconds to regain your cadence before reapplying the chosen resistance.
  • Fast Track Data Transfer at 10Hz: The Justo reads and sends power values to apps up to 10 times faster, ensuring immediate synchronization with your training software.
  • Sustainable Design: The Justo is made with over 46% pre-consumer recycled plastics, reflecting Elite’s commitment to sustainability in its production process.

Trusted by Champions: Justo’s Elite Endorsement

The Elite Justo Bike Trainer is the preferred choice for some of the strongest professional cycling teams and athletes. Its cutting-edge features make it the go-to equipment for workout sessions, training camps, and warm-ups during time trial stages in the most prestigious cycling events, including the Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France, and the Vuelta a España. In 2024, top teams like UAE Team Emirates, Groupama-FDJ, and Team DSM-Firmenich PostNL will be using the Justo trainer, highlighting its status as the premium trainer in the Elite ecosystem.

Tadej Pogačar, who proudly donned the pink jersey as the winner of the Giro d’Italia 2024, exemplifies the level of excellence achieved with Justo. Pogačar relied on the Justo trainer to prepare optimally for the Giro d’Italia, enhancing his racing skills, developing effective race strategies, and maintaining peak physical and mental condition to face fierce competition.

Alongside Pogačar, other top-tier cyclists using the Justo include Mathieu van der Poel, Adam Yates, João Almeida, Tom Pidcock, Kasia Niewiadoma, and Marta Cavalli. These champions leverage Justo’s advanced technology to push their limits and achieve unparalleled success in the world of cycling.

Elite Justo’s Impressions

Impressed with the Elite Justo Bike Trainer? Absolutely. Unlike previous models, Elite has stepped up its game with innovative features like heart rate/cadence bridging and ERG Mode Easy Start. These advancements bring Justo on par with competitors’ offerings while introducing automatic calibration and upcoming ethernet/wired connectivity options, catering to serious cyclists’ needs.

I particularly admire Elite’s new Flex Feet for its enhanced range of motion, akin to Wahoo’s KICKR AXIS feet. The trainer also boasts refined components, such as an improved leg trigger button mechanism that enhances usability. Admittedly, there are minor drawbacks. The power cable lacks a flexible adapter for added durability, and while the trainer runs quietly, it’s not completely silent during operation. Some users may notice slight accuracy discrepancies in SIM-mode sprints, which Elite could refine further.

Overall, The Elite Justo is a top-tier smart trainer that excels in many areas. The realistic ride feel, high accuracy, and innovative features like the Flex Feet and improved ERG mode make it a joy to use. However, the lack of a cassette and the restriction of some advanced features to Elite’s app are notable downsides. Despite these issues, the Justo provides a fantastic indoor training experience that’s hard to beat.

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