Drop bars are a type of handlebar, typically seen on road bikes. They’re called drop bars because your hands drop down from the hoods position into the drops when you’re riding, providing different hand positions for comfort and control.

Drop bars are a type of handlebar that has a flat section and a curved section. The curve allows you to sit in the drops, but many cyclists ride on the tops of their bars because it’s easier to get into an aerodynamic position. Drop bars are typically found on road bikes, but they’re also used on touring bikes as well because they allow you to get into a comfortable climbing position while still allowing you to shift gears with ease. You can read the previous article to get more information about the drop bar and how it differs from the flat bar.

Next, let’s take a look at tips on holding a dropbar like a pro!

Dont’s In Holding The Drop Bar

There are a number of things you should pay attention to if you want to ride a road bike with a handle bar, so you can avoid accidents you don’t want. With that in mind, here are a few things you should avoid when riding your road bike drop bars.

According to a California State University study of 518 bicycle hobbyists, 31.1% experienced problems in their hands—especially their wrists–if they felt tingling, numb or ‘thick’ there while riding. This would make handling difficult and dangerous!

Don’t underestimate the importance of grip. You can choose a handlebar with carbon material, which is more able to dampen road vibrations than aluminum—and that means you won’t get as tired from riding. To maximize it, choose a thick bar tape.

Resting your forearms on handlebars can make it difficult to maintain control of the bike in case you hit a hole or bump. If you ride with your hands tucked in below the bar on an open road, there is a risk of crashing because it puts too much weight on the front wheel.

Safety first and keep a good grip on your bars!

Do’s In Holding The Drop Bar

There are a number of things you can do to stay safe in holding the drop bar. You have to pay attention to how and in which position you hold your drop bar.

The benefits of dropped handlebars are available only if the size and shape is right for you, as well as the correct positioning on your bike. Before we get into how to know if your bar position is correct and in the best place, it’s important first to look at different ways that you can hold on to drops because knowledge of those positions will help evaluate where your bars are set up.

Also important to know is that if you move your hands from the handlebar grips, you should always have at least one hand on the bar. Otherwise—if you hit a bump or hole and lose your grip altogether for some reason—your hands won’t be in a position to catch yourself before falling off the bike. To stay in control, always be sure you’ve got at least one thumb hooked beneath the bar and your fingers wrapped around it. That way a bumpy ride or shaky pillion won’t cause an accident.

Tips How to Hold Your Dro Bars Like a Pro

Then how to stay comfortable, aerodynamic and safe in several cycling conditions like a pro? Let’s discuss one by one!



A powerful sprint is more than just a burst of acceleration and power. Proper tension, body position, and rhythm will improve your cycling sprint technique—and help you put out maximum power as you ride on the bike. You will have a much better grip on the bars.

If you place your hands on the drops instead of on the hoods, it will give you more traction and leverage to throw the bike during your sprint. Bending your elbows as your stand will also give you room to move underneath—and aerodynamics! By pushing and pulling on your handlebars as you sprint (which causes the bike to move from side to side underneath you), it is possible for your legs—rather than just the arms—to provide more power.

On The Tops

On The Tops

For maximum comfort and efficiency on flat terrain, ride in the upright position with your hands placed on top of the handlebars. For climbing steep grades at a moderate pace, this is also an excellent way to maintain control over your bicycle’s movements. It is the least stable of all grips. Brakes are impossible to reach from that position, so it isn’t good for fast riding or traffic. Experienced riders might use a variation of this grip for fast descending.

Holding the handlebars with your palms facing down and resting on either side of the stem is a comfortable position for sitting upright, allowing you to see more clearly in front of you. It’s also an excellent way to stay steady if you have to turn around because it keeps your hands close enough together that you’ll be able to keep control over steering.
Another common position is on the tops of your bars, with your palms down and gripping between the stem and brake levers. This is ideal for extended climbing while sitting since it opens up your chest area for breathing—and a popular choice among riders who stand during their rides as well.

Gravel on Sand Terrain

Gravel on Sand Terrain

In gravel and sandy terrain, grip the drop bar lightly so that you can easily reach the brakes. Do not clamp down on the handlebars or break forcefully. Instead, keep your elbows slightly bent as you press gently on the brake pedal. When you come upon a patch of gravel or dirt road, apply pressure lightly to the brakes and let them roll smoothly across it—never jam down hard with all your might. However, if you brake when driving over bumps or other uneven surfaces, your tires may lose contact with the road.


After reading this article, you’ll know how to ride a drop bar like a pro! You can train your position on the bars according to comfort and terrain. Always pay attention when holding the bar so you don’t have an accident that could cause injury or discomfort.

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