Mountain biking is a fun activity for people seeking a sport that can boost a little bit of adrenaline. Just like riding any other type of bike, mountain bike riders should also prepare a few essential mountain bike accessories before hitting the mountain bike trail.

If this is you are a newbie to the mountain biking world, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. This article will list a few important things you should have prepared for your first mountain biking journey, as well as a recommendation of where you can find the best mountain bike accessories for your needs. Without further introduction, here is the article, and we hope you enjoy reading it.

Before You Go Mountain Biking

Getting the correct preparation for your first mountain biking ride is important. Still, when talking about finding the mountain bike accessories, we will also have to consider the length of the ride you have prepared to go for.

For example, if you only go for a quick and short one-hour ride outside, you might not have to prepare too much biking gear. It will be best to keep your belongings light yet functional when needed. Avoid getting the funny mountain bike accessories that are pointless and do not serve any purpose, and could even be harmful to outdoor ridings, such as the uberhood and vibrating saddle.

Mountain Bike Accessories You Need for Mountain Biking

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to bike accessories. If you were to ask, each cyclist might have preferences on what type of accessories they want to bring. Still, the accessories that fall into safety categories are non-negotiable and should be directly included in your backpacks, such as the safety gear and emergency tools. To get more detail, look at the list below:

Safety Gear

Safety Gear

Now, no matter what you are doing, safety always comes first. Aside from checking your bike and ensuring everything works properly, you will need to bring some safety accessories along with you, such as:


According to the LTA rules and code of conduct in Singapore, every cyclist and PAB rider should wear a helmet when cycling, including offroad riding. Besides, wearing a helmet for mountain riding might save a life. It is fair to say that helmet has been the most influential for women’s and men’s mountain bike accessories.

When you go mountain biking, there is a higher chance of spilling, crashing, or bumping into a tree or rock than commuting with a bike on an urban road. The helmet that is designed for mountain biking will have an integrated peak that helps keep sun and rain away from the rider’s eyes as well as reflect low-hanging branches. A Mountain bike helmet usually sits lower around the back and sides of the head, offering better coverage.

Body Protector

Most mountain bikers will also look for body protectors like knee pads, elbow pads, or even torso pads. Nowadays, the upper body armor for mountain bikers has become lighter and less restrictive compared to the old-fashioned bulky suits. Modern body armor can be one of the cool mountain bike accessories that not only cover you from fatal injuries during a crash but also add some flavor to your biking fashion.

When choosing the body armor or body protector, you must consider what kind of riding you are doing. Riders who do mountain biking on a more challenging mountain bike trail with lots of technical terrains, such as downhill mountain biking, may consider getting more protection than those riding cross-country.

Emergency Tools

Emergency Tools

Anything can happen during a ride, including getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Hence, you will need to prepare the essential tool for those emergencies. Here is the list:

Spare Bike Tires and Tubes

One of the inevitable things to happen to any cyclist is getting a flat tire, and the very first defense you can use to solve this problem is to change the inner tube. Hence, the inner tube has become one thing every cyclist won’t leave out, even when riding the tubeless bike, because, sometimes, it takes a couple of miles away from the nearest road when something happens to your bike.

Sparing new bike tires and inner tubes could help you get back on your wheel quickly to get the proper help and fix your bike.

Bike Pump

Talking about the spare bike tires and tubes, it will be pointless if you are not bringing the bike pump along with you. After all, your wheel needs to get inflated with the recommended amount of air so it can roll on the surface and bring you home safely. Considering the portability, most people will choose to use a hand pump.

Multiple Bike Tool

When changing the bike tire or adjusting the brake lever, you will usually have to use a wrench and keys in different sizing. This multiple bike tool will come in handy and be very practical too.

Besides, when attempting to change a bike tire, although you can use bare hands, it will be much easier to remove the tire off the rim with the help of high-quality plastic-made bike tire levers.

First Aid Kit

If you are going for a long ride, make sure to always take the basic first aid kit along with you because someone will need it. Hours of riding outdoors might cause you to lose focus for a moment, leading to a crash if you are not lucky enough. While wearing an armored body suit might protect you from fatal injuries, the bruise and any other open wound should be getting immediate treatment so that it won’t cause inflammation.

Additional Accessories to Pick Up

You already get the list of a few best mountain bike accessories 2022 that you can quickly obtain offline or online. In addition, although not necessarily, you can consider having these few mountain bike accessories along:



As you can see, the essential things you need to tag along for your mountain biking journey are quite a lot. You can’t single-handedly carry all of them without a spacious place to store them. Therefore, you should be looking for accessories that can help you contain, such as a backpack or saddle bag.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Let’s get real; riding a bike is entertaining, but you need to stay energized, especially after a long few hours of riding. A small pack of energy chews in your backpack will ease the hunger as it helps you recharge the burned calories, while the water will keep you hydrated even under the unforgiving sunlight.



Making a thorough preparation before hitting the mountain trail is the most brilliant giant thing a cyclist can do since you will never know what kind of event is going to happen during your ride. It will always be better safe than sorry. One that you couldn’t leave out is the safety helmet. Aside from being part of the cycling road rules by LTA, wearing a helmet whenever you are riding your bike might prevent you from fatal head injuries when a crash happens.

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