Are you thinking about how to get fast on a smooth urban pavement daily? You probably want to consider getting a road bike for yourself. To help you decide whether or not your investment in a road bike is worthy, here are the lists of how getting a road bike benefits you.

What is a Road Bike?

A road bike is a type of bike designed for people that mostly ride their bike over the regular pavement while wishing to gain both speed and efficient rides. The characteristic of a road bike is the drop bar handlebar and ergonomic geometry that allows riders to cut through the wind.

The material used to build a road bike frame is lightweight and robust. Polygon road bikes, for example, are either made of ACX carbon fiber or the ALX aluminum alloy material. Both ACX carbon and ALX alloy used by Polygon to build their road bike are the manufacturing technology of Polygon that ensures their bike is made with the strongest and lightest material, better than any other bike in the same price range.

A road bike is a perfect choice got riders who wish to ride with fulfilling hobbies in mind and exercise. It is also perfect for riders that want to go for a race and professional use. Lastly, commuters might also love this bike.

3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Road Bike

While there is a lot of road bikes capability that are worth to be considered, the main three factors that give most riders enough reason to invest in this bike are:

The Speed

The Speed

The speed of a bike will indeed be dependable on the rider’s fitness level and pedaling power. However, it is also a fact that road bikes can roll faster compared to other bike types. The road bike is designed with a large diameter of wheel with a narrow tire that has a lower rolling resistance. The aerodynamic design of a road bike proves that this bike is manufactured with speed in mind.

The Lightweight

The Lightweight

The road bike is designed to be performed around smooth surfaces and is not suitable for jumping over logs, riding down rocky paths, or over gravel paths. Hence it is built with the lightest material to reduce the weight to the as bare minimum as possible, making the rider have this feather-light feeling when cutting through the wind.

The Efficiency

The Efficiency

When you combine the two main characteristics of a road bike mentioned above, you will have a package of the most efficient bike to ride on. The wheel is capable of reducing the rolling resistance while the lightweight frame cooperates to ensure there’s no additional weight that will drag the rider’s speed.

Road bike riders are allowed to lean into the wind with various hand positions on the drop bar handlebar that allow them to stay comfortable along the ride. The road bike promises the fastest, lightest, and most efficient traits as an inseparable package.

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3 Road Bike Benefits

If you are looking at our other article, you will discover that there are various cycling exercise benefits you will gain as long as you are keeping the consistency. But if this is your first visit to our blog and seeking for few reasons that will motivate you to own a road bike on your own, you might want to look at these few reasons:

Owning a Road Bike Cost Lower and More Environmental Friendly than a Car

Owning a Road Bike Cost Lower and More Environmental Friendly than a Car

One of the advantages of cycling is that it can become an option for your transportation. Getting a car is expensive regardless of whether you are financially capable of having it or not. If you are only looking for a transport option that can get you to places you need to go like the office or convenience store nearby, a road bike will also do. You can invest the rest of your car purchasing budget into something more useful.

Besides, by deciding to cycle your way to work, there will be less carbon footprint produced. The traffic will also become less crowded as a result of the reduction in private car usage. In other words, just by deciding to ride a bike for work, you contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Road Biking is Good for Your Health

Road Biking is Good for Your Health

Is cycling good for weight loss? Yes, cycling is an exercise that could help in burning calories, after all. Besides, there are a lot of other physical and mental health benefits you can gain just by cycling. Remember that cycling is cardiovascular exercise. It helps to strengthen your heart and allows you to get better control over your blood sugar level.

Road biking is an outdoor activity mostly done under healthy sunlight, the main resource of Vitamin D that is good for your bones and teeth. A decent workout level will also improve your sleep quality and boost the production of essential proteins while waking up your white blood cells. To put it simply, cycling helps improve your immune system as well as the growth of your brain cells.

During the ride, you will mostly focus on your cadence or the road ahead, allowing you to concentrate on the present instead of listening to the negative thoughts made up by your mind. When you are riding a bike, your body releases endorphins, a hormone that helps you to feel good and reduces your stress level. Another cycling benefits for ladies is lowering the risk of breast cancer.

Cycling is Low Impact Exercises

Cycling is Low Impact Exercises

Some of the readers might ask why to go around the long path explaining the benefits of biking everyday while you can also exercise by running. The reason is that scientists discover most runners suffer from around 133% to 144% more muscle damage and about 256% inflammation.

On the other hand, road cyclists are rarely exposed to an overused muscle injury as long as the rider is cycling around with the correct bike sizing.

Road Biking Disadvantages

It seems only fair if we are not only talking about the benefits of riding the road bike but also the road bike disadvantages. Yes, just like any other activity, there’s also a risk of road biking that you should know, for example, the possibility of being caught in a road accident as you share the road with another transport user like a car or motorcycle.

However, these conditions are preventable as long as you are following the traffic rules and wearing the needed protective gear such as the helmet and knee cap to protect the crucial body parts.

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After reading about road bike advantages and disadvantages, you can conclude that investing in road biking has a more positive impact on your inner and outer well-being. Investing in a road bike will give you a healthier lifestyle and a happier state of mind. It can also help you to widen your social circle if you wish to.

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