If we were to summarize 2023, these words come to mind: rides, new friends, and new products. Well, there are actually others as well – but it can be said that this year is the year where we feel one step closer to our customers. Yes, you who are reading this. Thank you!

This year… we’ve had many rides and learned about cycling together!

Polygon Collosus N9 test ride

Bangkit Shelter in Chestnut witnessed our riding event this year. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the Polygon Collosus N9 test ride marked the beginning of other riding events we organized to encourage cyclists. Meeting more than 30 riders that day, excitement was clearly visible on the faces of the participants. “Honestly, I think it’s a very big step and change in Polygon bikes. It’s really refined, and I’m very impressed with it,” said one of the test ride participants at Bangkit Shelter that day.

Rodalink Bike Clinic

In the same month, we also learned about cycling shoes through the Rodalink Bike Clinic held in collaboration with Shimano and Wiser Biker. Through this event, two winners took home a pair of Shimano shoes!

#RidewithRodalink event

While at Bangkit Shelter, a rider suddenly approached us and asked a question that motivated us even more to have more rides. “Will you be organizing events like this frequently? If I want to know, where can I find out?” he asked. Yes, riding with friends is fun; but riding with new friends can be even more exciting.

That question then led to various discussions, and we decided to make riding events more accessible to you: that’s where the #RidewithRodalink event came to life! Together with store staff from Rodalink Jurong East and Rodalink East Coast, until November 2023, we successfully organized rides 11 times with you. The routes varied, from East Coast Park, Green Rail Corridor, to Jurassic Miles and Bukit Timah.

We also had a chance to invite privileged Polygon Helios riders to come and join us to ride back to Polygon’s home, Indonesia. Besides connecting with passionate riders from Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, they had a chance to meet with professional road bike riders from Terengganu Polygon Cycling Team (TSG).

Speaking of facts, in the survey we conducted, 80% of you were very satisfied with these rides and are willing to recommend them to your friends. Thank you very much! This fact encourages us to provide the best service – including being a fun riding companion for those of you striving for a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully, next year, we can meet riders as often as this!

This year… we got a wide selection of new exciting bikes! Yeah!

Terengganu Polygon Cycling Team (TSG)

This year is also the year of new exciting products! We introduced the Champion Bike from the UCI road #1 team in Asia, TSG, in February. It’s the Polygon Helios TSG Limited Edition. During the pre-order period, 4 privileged riders managed to get their hands on the bike and received a badge for being one of the bike owners out of 20 units across Malaysia and Singapore!

To add to the selection of city bikes, Rodalink also introduced the Marin Japan Special Edition. There were three beautiful bike series presented: Marin Muirwoods SE, Marin Nicasio SE, and Marin Fairfax Disc SE, suitable for urban lifestyles.

Polygon Urbano Singapore Special Edition folding bike

The fresh city bike lineup didn’t stop there. In celebration of National Day, Polygon collaborated with Rodalink Singapore to present the limited edition Urbano Singapore Special Edition folding bike. Featuring red and white frame colors and a smoother gear transition with 1×10 speed gear, this bike embodies Singapore’s City DNA.

Polygon Bend R Series

Towards the end of the year, we introduced the latest gravel bike option from Polygon, the Polygon Bend R Series. With a new design geometry and specs, this bike has caught the attention of gravel enthusiasts. Stay tuned at Rodalink for more new exciting products next year!

Here’s What We Grateful for in 2023 …

Here’s What We Grateful for in 2023 …

We finally reunited with you, our customers through our events! “One of the memorable times here in Rodalink is to be able to enjoy cycling with our customers who eventually become my friends now. And it was a happy and satisfying feeling for me,” said Dianne, Rodalink Jurong East’s Supervisor. We’ve seen a lot of excited faces on the ride, talked a lot and indeed it’s the best feeling ever.

Throughout this year, we’ve done a series of baby steps to be closer and better bicycle shops for everyone. This cannot be separated from the teamwork from our staffs. Imran, Rodalink East Coast’s Supervisor expressed his gratitude, “This year has been the most beneficial for me, particularly in my management skills. Being surrounded by individuals who radiate positivity and are passionate about helping each other is the most memorable experience and the bonding is reminiscent of family to me.”

Thank you for all the good memories, 2023! We’re delighted to welcome 2024!

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