Many considerations take place before buying a folding bike, and a few of those are how easy it is to be carried around, or does the folded dimension fit the trunk of my car, or simply whether it is permitted or not my folding bike to be carried on public transportation I usually take. This article will answer all those hesitations including the regulations so you can commute, bike, and be happy at the same time.

Understand your Needs First

Start off by understanding your unique needs and requirements before deciding on the best way to carry folding bikes during your travels. This can include considerations such as the mode of transportation you’ll be using, the type of terrain you’ll be riding on, the length of your trip, and your personal physical capabilities. By taking these factors into account, you can choose a suitable method for transporting your folding bike, whether it’s by car, bus, LRT, or plane, and ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

Understanding your needs helps you determine the type of folding bike that suits your lifestyle, riding preferences, and storage requirements. For instance, if you have limited storage space in your apartment, you may want to consider a more compact folding bike with a smaller folding mechanism. On the other hand, if you plan to use your folding bike for long rides or commutes, you may want to consider a model with larger wheels and more durable components. Folding bikes come with various folding mechanisms and features that may be personalized to each individual, find the one that fits your lifestyle and needs more comprehensively.

Where Do You Take Your Folding Bikes?

Where Do You Take Your Folding Bikes?

Continuing the next step with complying with the government regulations for the area where you will carry your folding bike, especially when it comes to public transportation. Different modes of transportation may have different rules and restrictions regarding the size, weight, and type of bike allowed. By understanding and complying with these regulations, we can ensure the safety of ourselves, other passengers, and the bike itself while traveling. Additionally, complying with regulations can help avoid any potential fines or penalties for non-compliance. It is also a way to show respect for the rules and regulations set in place for the benefit of everyone, making our travel experience smoother and hassle-free.

To be exact in Malaysia area, here are some regulations you need to comply:

1. Public Transportations

When carrying a folding bike on public transportation in Malaysia, it is important to comply with the rules and regulations set by the authorities. Before bringing your folding bike on board, make sure to familiarize yourself with the guidelines provided by the transportation company. For example, RapidKL, a major public transportation provider in Malaysia, allows folding bikes on board their buses and trains, but only during off-peak hours and in certain trains only, typically the first and last train with the clear sign to follow.

In addition, it is important to consider the size and weight of your folding bike when carrying it on public transportation. Make sure that it is folded at all times and compact enough to be stored without causing inconvenience to other passengers. It is also recommended to bring a carrying case or cover to protect your folding bike from scratches and dirt. Lastly, be prepared to lift and carry your folding bike up and down stairs and escalators, the elevators shall be prioritized for people with disabilities.

2. Using Airplanes

When traveling with a folding bike on by Air, it’s essential to comply with their checked baggage regulations. If you travel using Malaysian Airlines, folding bikes can be checked in as part of your baggage allowance, provided that they are properly packed in a carrying case or box. The maximum weight of the bike and its carrying case or box must not exceed 23/32 kg depending on your flight class, and the maximum size of the carrying case or box must not exceed 158 cm in total dimensions.

Using Airplanes

When packing your folding bike for air travel, it’s important to disassemble and secure all loose parts, such as pedals, handlebars, and wheels, to prevent damage during transport. You should also deflate the tires and remove any accessories, such as water bottles or bike bags, to reduce the overall weight and size of the bike. Once your folding bike is properly packed and ready for travel, you can check it in at the airport and enjoy your flight with peace of mind, knowing that your bike is safely stored and ready for your next cycling adventure.

3. The Car’ Trunk

This part doesn’t really come with complying with rules from the authorities, however, it’s essential to consider the size and weight of both the bike and the trunk. Folding bikes come in various sizes, and some models may be too large to fit comfortably in the trunk of a smaller car. It’s important to measure the trunk’s dimensions and compare them to the folded dimensions of the bike to ensure that it will fit properly. Additionally, it’s crucial to consider the weight of the bike, as some models can be quite heavy and difficult to lift in and out of the trunk.

Another factor to consider when storing a folding bike in the trunk of your car is how to protect both the bike and the car from damage. Folding bikes can have sharp edges or protruding parts that can scratch or dent the interior of the trunk, so it’s a good idea to use a protective cover or padding. Additionally, it’s important to secure the bike in place to prevent it from moving around during transportation, which can cause damage to both the bike and the car. Finally, be mindful of the trunk’s weight capacity, as adding a heavy folding bike to an already heavily loaded trunk can put too much strain on the car’s suspension and tires.


Carrying a folding bike involves understanding your needs and the regulations set in place for the area where you will carry your bike. Considerations such as the storage, the length of your trip, the mode of transportation you will hop on, the type of terrain, and your personal physical capabilities will help you determine the type of folding bike that suits your lifestyle and riding preferences.

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