Every bike category has a different size chart on its own. So, if you already have a specific size you usually use for your bike, you will need to look at the sizing guide first if you want to buy an MTB bike. The first step is usually deciding based on your body height compared to the specific hardtail or full suspension type, since both can have different sizing guides. Click here to read more in depth about a hardtail and full suspension mountain bike! But, sometimes, you will be in between sizes, so there will be other tips for you whether you should be sizing up or sizing down. Let’s start now!

Hardtail and Full Suspension MTB Size Chart

At Rodalink Malaysia, we offer both Polygon and Marin brands for basikal MTB. Here is the complete size guide :

Hardtail and Full Suspension MTB Size Chart

Polygon Hardtail MTB Bike Sizing

Height (cm)152.5 - 165162.5 - 175172.5 - 185182.5 - 195
27” (SYNCLINE C5/C3/C2, XTRADA 7/6/5)
29” (SYNCLINE C5/ C3/C2, XTRADA 7/6/5)

Polygon Full Suspension MTB Bike Sizing

MTB Full SuspensionSMLXL
Height (cm)152.5 - 165162.5 - 175172.5 - 185182.5 - 195

Some Polygon mountain bikes will have different size charts even for the same type. It is because you can use different wheel sizes for some specific bike types, such as the Siskiu line ups. The different wheel sizes are the ones indicated with an inch sizing. Bigger wheel size will make the overall bike size become taller, hence it requires taller body height to be able to ride it comfortably.

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MTB Bike Size Guide

Marin Hardtail MTB Bike Size Guide

Height (cm)
Hardtail 27.5146 - 157157-165165 - 173173 - 178178 - 185183 - 188
Hardtail 29168 - 175175 - 183183 - 188188 - 193
Pine Mountain163 - 170170 - 178178 - 183183 - 188188 - 193

Marin Full Suspension MTB Bike Sizing

MTB Full SuspensionXSSMLXL
Height (cm)
Hawk Hill155 - 163163-170170 - 178178 - 185185 - 193
Rift Zone / B-17160 - 168168 - 178178 - 188188 - 193
Alpine Trail160 - 168168 - 178178 - 188188 - 193
Wolf Ridge160 - 168168 - 178178 - 188183 - 193

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Tips on Finding Your Perfect Fit

So, you have found the basic guideline for you to decide your ideal size. But, most of the time, you will find yourself in between sizes. You can go for a size up or a size down. Now, how to exactly find your perfect fit? Here’s some tips to complete your mountain bike size guide!

Sizing Up

Sizing Up

Here are some body characteristics for you to measure before deciding on a size up. First things first, if you have a longer torso, then you should be opting for a size up. Why? Because bigger size will give you longer reach (the distance between your seat post to the handlebars). If your upper body part is on the longer side, this will be much more comfortable for you to ride. It will give you more room to move, rather than the cramped feeling from the shorter reach. Then, if your body is flexible, you should also choose sizing up. It will serve you more room to move and maneuver your bike comfortably. Sizing up your bike will also mean a larger frame built, which is more comfortable to face even the roughest obstacles mercilessly.

Sizing Down

Sizing Down

On the contrary of sizing up your basikal mtb, if you have a shorter torso, you should opt for sizing down your mountain bike. The shorter reach between your seat post and handlebar will be much more comfortable for your short torso, as you will not be straining your upper body during the whole ride. If your body is not as flexible, a shorter reach will be easier for you to maneuver with ease. Smaller mountain bike sizes usually come with a shorter height. So, if you have longer legs, you can always adjust the seatpost to be taller, or pick a bike with bigger wheel size to help bring up the frame a little bit.


Finding the MTB bike that will perfectly fit your body is not an easy task. Usually, it is a journey of trial and error. You will have to test your mountain bike on several rides before you can decide whether the bike is already perfect or needs some adjustments. But, by knowing what mountain bike size based on the guideline will help you a lot. It is a good basis to start with, rather than having more options to choose from, which might be more confusing.

As mentioned earlier, cyclists do need to test ride their bike first before deciding on one based on the descriptions alone. That is why you should visit the Rodalink Malaysia store to get help from our professional team! Our team is ready to give you the best recommendation based on your body measurements and riding type. At our store, you can even try some of the bikes first to see if it is comfortable enough for you.

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