If you’re thinking about how to get fast on a smooth urban pavement every day, then you probably want to consider getting a road bike. Here are some of the many benefits of owning a road bike.

What Is a Road Bike?

What Is a Road Bike?

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Before discussing the benefits of road cycling, it would be better to know what a road bike is first, riders!

Road bikes make for speeds and efficient riding on paved surfaces. They have drop handlebars and other features that let riders cut through the wind. The material used to build a road bike frame is either lightweight and robust ACX carbon fiber or ALX aluminum alloy. Both ACX carbon and ALX alloy—for example—used by Polygon Road Bike to build their road bike are manufacturing technologies that ensure the strongest, lightest bikes—better than any other in the same price range.

Road bikes are great for riders looking to enjoy their hobby and stay in shape. This type of bike is perfect for athletes hoping to race, as well as commuters wanting an efficient mode of transportation.

3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Road Bike

Three main factors give most riders enough reason to invest in a road bike:

  1. Speed: Even though the speed of a bike will depend on its rider’s fitness level and pedaling power, road bikes can still travel faster than other types. The road bike is designed with a large diameter wheel and narrow tires. The aerodynamic design of a road bike shows that this type of bicycle was made for speed.
  2. Lightweight: The road bike is designed for smooth surfaces and should not be used to ride over rough terrain. For this reason, the frame is made of lightweight materials to reduce its overall weight as much as possible. This makes it feel like you are riding on a cloud when cutting through the wind.
  3. Efficiency: If you combine the two main qualities of a road bike (lightweight and speed), you will have come up with the most efficient form of transportation available. The lightweight frame and low-rolling resistance wheel work together to increase speed.

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Road Bike Advantages

Road Bike Advantages

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Cycling does provide good benefits for health, in this article, we will provide information about some of the benefits that you will get, especially when choosing to road bike, including:

1. Road Biking Is Good For Health

Riding a road bike is a great cardio workout for you because road biking is all about speed, which is how it gets your heart rate up. You also have control over your entire training regimen, as you can change the speed to push further or stay comfortable. Road cycling is done outdoors and mostly in the sun. By wearing the right cycling clothing, it will be easier for you to get the vitamin D you need.

And, if you’re planning to lose weight, road biking can be a great choice! It keeps your body moving and staying active, as well as burning excess fat and sweating a lot. Not only burning fat, but this activity also improves your overall physical health, keeps the body fit, strengthens muscles, and also helps boost the immune system. In fact, if you have trouble sleeping at night, this exercise will help by reducing the stress hormones in your body, making you sleep more soundly and with quality.

2. Eco-friendly Transportations

Cycling is one of the most eco-friendly methods of transportation. By pedaling your bike to work, you can reduce the number of vehicles such as cars and motorbikes on the streets, which means less traffic and less smoke. On the other hand, having a bicycle as your means of transportation is also more cost-effective compared to buying a car or motorcycle. You can still go anywhere you want with your bike. Let’s apply lifestyle ways to be more environmentally friendly!

3. Low Impact Exercises

There are many sports such as running that are beneficial to health. However, did you know that a study says that most runners experience injuries, around 133% -144% muscle damage, and about 256% experience inflammation. Therefore, cycling is a sport that is low impact but still provides real results for health. Road bike riding rarely experiences excessive muscle injury. With a note, the rider must use a bicycle with the appropriate size.

Road Bike Disadvantages

Road Bike Disadvantages

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Just like their name, road bikes are specially designed for use on paved roads. Therefore, the use of these bicycles is limited only to the highway only. This type of bicycle is not able to pass through rocky or uneven roads. Besides that, for beginners, road bikes tend to be expensive and require certain skills to master. With a drop bar, cyclists must be able to control it so they don’t lose control easily because the drop bar is narrower than the flat version of the handlebar. Which means less space for precise bicycle movement.


After reading about road bikes’ advantages and disadvantages, it’s clear that investing in one can benefit your overall well-being. Investing in a road bike can help you to get fit, stay healthy, and enjoy life more. It may also increase your social circle if that is what you desire.

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