There are different kinds of bikes offered on the market nowadays. They each differ based on the purpose of riding a specific type of bike to fit cyclists’ different riding style. You might have been looking into several types of bike, and have come across road bikes several times. Road bikes are one of the most popular choices when it comes to cycling, and it is for good reasons. If you are still wondering about whether a road bike is your perfect pick, this one’s for you. In this article, we will give you 4 reasons on why you should choose road biking.

What Is A Road Bike

What Is A Road Bike

Before we dive into the reasons, let’s get to know the bike itself better. Road bike is a particular type of bike that is used to ride on smooth pavement. This bike has aerodynamics features that makes cycling much more smoother and with less drag so that cyclists can cut through the wind effortlessly. Road bikes have drop handlebars, which means that the handlebars are situated lower than the saddle, making the cyclists’ body lay as flat as they can when they are cycling. The purpose of this position is to reduce drag from the wind, so that cyclists can go flying through the tracks and the effort from pedaling can be transmitted optimally to speed. Road bikes will have thinner frames that are much more lightweight compared to other types, with larger wheel size and smoother-looking tires. If you want to learn more about Road bikes, click here to read the article where we talk about road bikes more in-depth.

Reasons to Choose Road Bikes

Now let’s get into the reasons on why you should choose road bikes as your choice of sport!

#1 : High Speed

The high speed that fast-riding can provide is not like any other fun experience before. You get to feel yourselves cutting through the wind, with your own power! Enjoy the high speed rush from pedaling your road bike. On flat lanes, cyclists can go up to 60km/h, and a downhill one is possible to reach 100km/h. Yes, all on top of your bike! No machine needed, just pure manpower. It is truly an experience every time you get on top of a road bike, one that you can not possibly forget!

#2 : Improved Health and Fitness

Now that we have covered all the fun parts, let’s talk about the health benefits of road biking. Road biking is a form of sport, whether it is as a light exercise or an intense one. It makes your body move and stay active, burning excessive fat and getting a good amount of sweat. It increases your overall physical health, keeps your body stay in shape, strengthens the muscles and makes it more toned, and also helps to boost your immune system.

#3 : FUNtastic Experience

Road biking is both possible to do in the city or in nature. As long as there is a smooth pavement, you are good to cycle! Cyclists can either race in the city, or go up to the highlands and enjoy a little bit of nature. No need to go off-roading in the jungle in order to enjoy some greenery! Nowadays, most uphill cities already have smooth paved roads. Cyclists can ride their bike and breathe the fresh air there to relieve a lot of their day-to-day stress. Go on a short trip on the weekends to release all the tension of your work week. What better way than to just cycle away your stress? You can go by yourself and enjoy the peace, or with your cyclists group of friends to make it filled with fun and laughter! A short relaxing getaway for everyone!

#4 : Loves Mother Nature

Cycling is one of the most environmentally-friendly transportation methods. It does not create any waste, pollution, or consume non-renewable energy. If you are implementing ways in your lifestyle to be more eco-friendly, this is another thing to add to the things that you can do!


You have learned about what a road bike is and the benefits of riding one. All you have to do now is choose the right road bike. But where to look?

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