Children’s safety is the most important thing for all parents. As a parent, you must want to ensure your kids safety in everything they are doing, including biking. One thing you can do to keep your kids safe while riding their bikes is to put them on their kids bike protective gear.

It may sounds like a simple matter, but you need to carefully choose the best kids bike protective gear so you can minimize the chance of your kids getting hurt while riding their bikes. Here we provide you with some informations about protective gear and what kinds of kids protective gear that you need to have for your kids safety!

What is Protective Gear?

What is Protective Gear?

In everything we do, we never get to escape the probability of getting hurt or getting into accident. Thus, we need to be prepared because we never knew what is going to happen. One of the preventions we can do is by using protective gear.

Protective gear, or sometimes referred as PPE or Personal Protective Equipment, is a protective equipment used to to reduce exposure to risks that result in severe workplace illnesses and injuries.

The most common protective gear that you must also seen is mask, helmet, glove, and other equipments that mostly used by the worker that work in a workplace that has a high chance of exposure to dangerous substances or high chance of getting into workplace accident, such as in laboratory or in construction fields.

However, protective gear is not only needed in workplace, but also needed in some activities, such as biking. A biker also needs to wear protective gear to prevent them from getting serious injuries if they fall from their bikes. If your kids love to ride their bicycles, it is important for you to get them the best kids bike protective gear.

Kids Bike Protective Gear

Children needs more protection in riding their bicycles. It is because they are mostly still learning and got easily curious by a lot of things. If you are a first-timer and do not really know what kids bike protective gears to get for your kids, here are several basic protective gears that you need to get for your kids!



Helmet is the most basic and most important items that you need to get for your kids. It is to make sure that even when your kids fall off their bikes, their heads will get the best protection and they will not experience any severe head injury.

Helmet can be use since a very young age. It can be use as bike protective gear for 4 year old, bike protective gear for 3 year old, or even for safety items for toddler bike gear, since it is important to protect your kids and prevent them to get into any serious injuries.

There are so many types of helmet that the market offer as one of the kids bike protective gears. You can chose them based on your kids needs or the protection they offer. You also need to consider what kind of track your kids usually goes to when they bikes, because every helmet offer a different type of protections.

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Knee and Elbow Pads

Knee and Elbow Pads

The body parts that are easily scratched whenever your kids fell off their bikes must be their knees or elbows. It is because they will reflectively use them as a protective act to hold their body mass to not fully fell to the ground. That is why you need extra protections for your kids knees and elbows by using knees and elbow pads.

Knees and elbow pads will protect your kids knees and elbows from getting scratched or even worst, broking their bones. Not only for bikers, knees and elbow pads are also necessary for your kids or toddler skate protective gear.

In early days, there were no knees or elbow pads that are specially designed for kids. However, nowadays, you can easily find the best kids knee and elbow pads for your kids, or even toddler knee pads 2 year old.

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The next items that you can add to your kids bicycle protective gear set is glasses. The kind of glasses you need to get for your kids is sunglasses, since biking is an outdoor activity, you also need to ensure the safety of your kids eyes.

If your kids also likes to bike on the difficult tracks such as mountains, hills, rocky tracks, or others, you specifically needs to get them wrap around sunglasses. They are becasically the same with basic sunglasses, but they are more secure and will stick around your kids eyes no matter how hard the track is.

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The last item that must be in your kids bike protective gear set is gloves. Children are tend to fall on their palm-hands, so it is important to protect their hands whenever they fall off from their bicycles. There are so many types of bike gloves that you can get based on your kids needs.

If your kids are still very young, or even toddler, and just started to ride their bicycles, you can get them half-finger gloves, since it makes their hands less sweaty than the full-finger gloves. However, if your kids are older and has tried to go to the harder tracks, you need to get them the best full-finger gloves for a full protection.

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Providing the best protection for children must be every parents dream. You need to make sure their safety in every activities, inlucing biking. By getting them kids bike protective gear such as helmet, knee and elbow pads, sunglasses, and gloves, you have ensure your kids safety in biking.

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