The hustle you have been doing will leave you feeling accomplished, but not rarely it could also leave you feeling burnt out. Taking a brief rest in between work is a good idea. But on the weekends (or whenever you have free time) it is always great to step up your relaxation to a whole new level, such as cycling! Yes, getting on top of your bike and cycling through the scenery can actually refresh you more than you think. It gets a good amount of exercise in, plus you can stop thinking about work for a second. While you are cycling, it is just you, the bike, and the landscape you are experiencing. Soaking in the cooling breeze from the wind and enjoying some sightseeing.

In this article, we have made a collective list of all the cycling spots you can try in Malaysia, our best picks! We have dedicated each article for different biking you usually do. Depending on your riding style, we have curated the best spots for you! From road biking, gravel biking, and even mountain biking. A complete guide for every cycling possibility in Malaysia!

The Unique Bustling of City Road Biking

Have a road bike at home? It is time to bust it out and go on a ride! The city can be a little too much sometimes. But when you are looking at it from a different perspective, you might find peace in it. Seeing all the people roaming around, going about their day, while you cycle comfortably and relaxingly on top of your bike. The smooth pavement also offers little to no challenge for your road biking journey. Besides following the obvious traffic rules, it is a particularly easy one to do. Or, if you want to cycle more easily and safely, you can bike on parks or city spots that offer cycling trails. Besides giving you a conducive environment and safe spot to cycle, it will also guarantee to offer you nice scenery to look at. A refreshing picture in the middle of the busy city! Get a breeze of fresh air from surrounding nature and enjoy the warmth of the sun. For the complete list of the best road biking spots, click on the button below! Besides the spots itself, we will also be recommending cycling tracks around the city you should try. Let’s explore and exercise more!

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The Exciting Adrenaline Rush of Mountain Biking

For those of you who are always open to new adventures, even the most challenging ones, this one’s for you! All of you MTB riders, we have curated the best spots for your new mountain biking journey. Cycle through the sharp curves, climbs, muddy trails, and rocky paths for a pump of exciting adrenaline rush. See if your relaxing weekend can also become a chance for you to upgrade your skills in mountain biking. The list we have gathered has recommendations from beginners to experienced cyclists. Make sure you check on your skills first before deciding on the trail you are going for! Remember, cycling takes a lot of effort to make it through. You can always bring your friends to accompany you and guide you along the way. Tap below to see our list!

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Explore Now!

Now that you have gathered the information, it is time for you to start another cycling journey! Cycling is very beneficial for your physical, mental, and social health. With cycling, you are definitely getting a good exercise in. It trains your muscles and produces a lot of sweat. Great for keeping your body in shape, getting rid of unnecessary fat, and boosting your immune system. It also refreshes your mind from the ordinary day-to-day activities that might even be stressful and hectic for you. It is a good way as a cleansing activity that will get rid of the negativity and enables you to start new with a better mood. Cycling will also improve social health, where you can meet new people within the cycling community, or cycle with your friends to do different activities together.

To start your exploration, make sure you are all prepared! Gear up with necessary items such as comfortable clothing and safety accessories. You can always find affordable bike jerseys to help make your cycling journey even more comfortable. Who wants stiff and itchy clothing to get in the way of your cycling? And for your safety, you can always use helmets as a preventive step. Installing lights is also a great idea to help other road users notice your presence in traffic. For convenience purposes, you can always carry a water bottle with you. Use a dedicated bottle cage that is mounted to your bike’s frame, so you do not have to be bothered with carrying a bag to bring it with you.

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