As a parent, creating core memories for your kids is an important task. You need to support their hobbies and cherish it with them so they can enjoy what they likes at it’s most. One of the hobbies that a kid may develop is biking, especially mountains biking. Mountain bikes that are specially designed for kids are called kids mountain bikes.

Not only to support their hobbies, you also need to ensure their safety by choosing the best mountain kids bikes for your children. Here we have the best polygon kids mountain bikes along with its protection and accessories that you must have for your kids!

What are Kids Mountain Bikes?

What are Kids Mountain Bikes?

There are several type of bicycle for kids. Some of them are differ by its utility. Just like bicycle for adults, there is also kids bikes that specialize for mountain tracks. The bicycle is called as kids mountain bikes.

While mountain bikes is a bicycle that is designed for off-cycling and difficult tracks that comes with special designed features that support its purpose to tracks difficult roads, kids mountain bikes is basically the same thing, but the bikes is smaller in design and the features also have been made to fit more to the children.

Having kids mountain bikes for your kids that likes to biking off the mountains or other difficult tracks is important. Other than the fact that kids mountain bikes is more safe for them to ride off the mountain, it is also easier for them to ride off the difficult tracks using kids mountain bikes because it has been designed to ease the user to bike off the difficult tracks and it will be difficult to use in the smooth tracks.


Kids Mountain Bikes Size

Kids Mountain Bikes Size

Kids growth is something that happened so quickly. Thus, kids stuff are usually varied by the age of the kids. The same thing also applied for kids bikes. The size of kids bikes also varied by their age and wheel size.

The smallest bike is 12-inch wheel bike, for kids age 2-4 years old and 30-39 inch in height. The next size is 14-inch wheel bike, for kids age 3-5 years old and 37-44 inch in height. The next size is 16-inch wheel bike, for kids age 5-8 years old and 39-48 inch in height.

The next size is 20-inch wheel bike, for kids age 6-10 years old and 42-52 inch in height. The next size is 24-inch wheel bike, for kids age 8-12 years old and 50-58 inch in height. The biggest size is 26-inch wheel bike, for kids age 10+ years old and 56+ inch in height.

Even though the size for kids bike are varied, the size for kids mountain bikes only started from 20-inch wheel bike, because not all kids are able to ride the bike due to the weight and complexity of it. Size 20 is considered the smallest because it means that only 6 years old kids, at the least, that are able to ride them.

There are so many bicycle brands that offer kids mountain bikes with various size, model, and compatibility. One of the brand that also offers kids mountain bikes is Polygon. Polygon is one of the bicycle brand that offers kids mountain bikes as one of their products.

They offered kids mountain bikes 20 and kids mountain bikes 24. Relic 20 is the best kids mountain bikes from Polygon for you that looking for the best mountain bike for 10 years old boy, while Relic 24 is for you that looking for the best mountain bike for 12 years old boy.

Polygon kids mountain bike is carefully designed so your kids will have the best experience in riding their bike to climb the mountain or other difficult tracks. The bikes has been designed with high-quality and smaller parts that can fit to younger riders but also provides it purpose at its best. Polygon bikes are also designed so it will be light-weighted and easy for younger riders to ride upon the mountain.

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Kids Mountain Bikes Protection

Kids Mountain Bikes Protection

Riding off difficult tracks such as mountains is hard, even for an adult. The probability of fell off the bike and get some scratches are almost inevitable. That is why you need to provide extra protection for your kids before letting them biking on the mountains.

Several protections that you need to prepare for your kids off-biking the mountains are helmet, knee and elbow pads, gloves, and other protection that you feel necessary for your kids safety. You need to choose the best protection so your kids can enjoy their hobby and having the best time of their life without dread feelings of felling off the bike or getting hurt on the way.

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Kids Mountain Bikes Accessories

Kids Mountain Bikes Accessories

The last important items that you may need for your kids before letting them riding upon the mountain is accessories. Accessories may seems less important than the protection items. However, your kids may still needs them as accessories also plays a pretty huge role supporting your kids journey in biking on the mountain.

The accessories you may need for your kids are eye-wear, water bottle, and other items that may ease your kids biking. Those items may not be crucial, but they are still very necessary so your kids can bike off the mountain more comfortably.

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There are plenty of kids mountain bikes in the market. However, you need to choose the best ones for your kids. Thus, Polygon Relic 20 and Relic 24 is the best choice for you to get for your kids, especially if they are in range of 6 to more than 10 years old in age. Other than kids mountain bikes, you also need to get protection items and accessories for your kids biking.

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