In the fast-paced world of road cycling, every component of your bike plays a crucial role in determining your performance, and perhaps none more so than your choice of tires. Road bike riders understand that selecting the right tires can be the difference between reaching the podium and falling short of their goals.

Unlike other types of cycling tires, such as those designed for mountain biking (MTB), gravel riding, or urban commuting, road bike tires are engineered with a specific focus on speed, efficiency, and grip on smooth pavement. While MTB tires prioritize traction and durability for rugged off-road terrain, gravel tires strike a balance between grip and rolling efficiency for mixed surfaces, and urban tires prioritize puncture resistance and durability for city streets littered with debris and obstacles.

For road cyclists, the choice of tires can significantly impact their riding experience, affecting factors such as rolling resistance, aerodynamics, cornering grip, and overall comfort. As such, selecting the right tires tailored to your riding style, terrain, and performance goals is essential for maximizing your potential and enjoying every moment on the road.

Get to Know Schwalbe Pro One Line-Up

In cycling, where performance is paramount, the choice of tires can significantly influence your riding experience and competitive edge. Schwalbe, a brand synonymous with innovation and quality, offers cyclists a range of high-end options within its Pro One Line-Up. Let’s delve into the specifics of each tire variant, highlighting their features, performance, and availability.

The High-End Road Race Tire: Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless Easy

The High-End Road Race Tire: Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless Easy

The Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless Easy stands as the epitome of high-performance road race tires, meticulously engineered for optimal performance in competitive cycling events. Designed specifically for tubeless use, this tire sets the benchmark for road bike tires, offering unrivaled speed, grip, and durability.

Featuring the cutting-edge Addix Race compound, the Pro One Tubeless Easy ensures optimal rolling resistance and maximum grip, allowing riders to maintain speed and control even on demanding road surfaces. Furthermore, its advanced construction, incorporating RaceGuard and Microskin Carcass technologies, provides excellent puncture protection, enhancing the tire’s reliability and longevity.

A standout feature of the Pro One Tubeless Easy is its versatility, allowing riders to experience optimal performance in tubeless setups with Doc Blue Sealant. Alternatively, it can be used with a tube, offering flexibility to suit individual preferences and setups. Compared to its predecessor, the Pro One Tubeless Easy boasts impressive improvements, including a 13% reduction in rolling resistance, 22% increase in cornering grip, enhanced puncture protection, and higher mileage.

The Schwalbe Pro One has earned the trust of champions in numerous UCI competitions, including Marco BRENNER, winner of Stage 1 of Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali 2024, and Søren Wærenskjold, champion of the U23 time trial at the World Championships. Additionally, it is widely favored by prominent teams and athletes across various UCI competitions, further solidifying its reputation as the tire of choice for elite cyclists.

Check the table below to see the Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless Easy that is available at Rodalink:

Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless Easy

The High-End Time Trial and Triathlon Tire: Schwalbe Pro One TT

The High-End Time Trial and Triathlon Tire: Schwalbe Pro One TT

The Schwalbe Pro One TT, known as the Pro-One TT Tubeless Easy, stands out as the epitome of excellence in time trial and triathlon tires, catering to cyclists who demand nothing short of the best. Renowned as the world’s lightest tubeless tire, it has become the go-to choice for elite athletes competing in time trials and extreme triathlons. Designed specifically for these disciplines, the “TT” in its name signifies its focus on Time Trial events, where every second counts.

One of the most notable achievements associated with the Pro One TT is Patrick Lange’s remarkable victory at the Ironman World Championship 2018 in Hawaii, where he rode a prototype of this tire to a record-breaking triumph. This feat underscores the tire’s exceptional performance and its ability to deliver unparalleled speed and reliability in the most demanding conditions.

Engineered with Schwalbe’s Addix Race compound, the Pro One TT ensures optimal rolling resistance, allowing cyclists to achieve maximum speed with minimal effort. Compared to the Pro One Tubeless Easy, this tire rolls an impressive 21% easier, providing riders with a significant performance advantage on the racecourse.

For cyclists seeking top speeds, Schwalbe offers the Record Edition of the Pro One TT, featuring the brand’s fastest compound. Specifically designed for certain wheel sizes (28-406 and 28-559), this edition maximizes performance, allowing riders to achieve their full potential on the road. In its pursuit of ultimate speed, the Pro One TT foregoes puncture protection to save weight and optimize rolling resistance. However, to ensure reliability, it is essential to use the appropriate amount of Doc Blue tire sealant—recommended at least 30 ml, preferably 60 ml per tire.

The Schwalbe Pro One TT is not just a tire of choice for elite cyclists—it’s a proven winner in the world of Time Trial and Triathlon competitions. Champions like Lucy Charles-Barclay, Anne Haug, Laura Philipp, and Patrick Lange have all relied on the Pro One TT to achieve remarkable feats, including victories at prestigious events like the Iron World Championships. Beyond individual triumphs, the Pro One TT is embraced by top teams and renowned triathletes worldwide, cementing its reputation as the ultimate choice for those who demand excellence in performance and reliability.

Check the table below to see the Schwalbe Pro One TT that is available at Rodalink:

Schwalbe Pro One TT

Next Generation of Competition Tire: Schwalbe Pro One Aero

Next Generation of Competition Tire: Schwalbe Pro One Aero

Schwalbe unveils the Pro One Aero, a tire that redefines the standards of road bike tires through cutting-edge aerodynamics. Extensive testing in wind tunnels, laboratories, and real-world road conditions has led to the development of this revolutionary tire, promising cyclists unparalleled performance and speed gains.

This tire represents a significant leap forward from its predecessor, the Pro One TT, boasting a remarkable 20% reduction in air resistance when compared to the Pro One TT, as measured at 45 km/h on a 28mm wide tire. This enhancement in aerodynamics translates to maximum speed on the road, giving cyclists a competitive edge in races and time trials.

Schwalbe achieves this impressive aerodynamic performance while ensuring uncompromising puncture resistance with its RaceGuard material. The Pro One Aero utilizes the Addix Race compound, striking the perfect balance between optimal rolling resistance and maximum grip, thereby enhancing overall ride quality and control.

A key aspect of the Pro One Aero’s development involved collaboration with three partners, including the Swiss engineering firm Radiate. Together, they focused on creating a tire that excelled in both aerodynamics and riding performance. Through meticulous optimization in the wind tunnel, Schwalbe’s developers tailored the tire’s shape to complement modern wide rims, further enhancing its aerodynamic efficiency.

The Pro One Aero features distinct designs for the front and rear wheels, each optimized for specific performance characteristics. The front tire, weighing in at a mere 235g, prioritizes aerodynamics and reduced weight, ensuring minimal drag and maximum efficiency. Meanwhile, the rear tire, slightly heavier at 270g, prioritizes low rolling resistance and high puncture protection, providing cyclists with the confidence to push their limits without fear of flats or mechanical issues.

Check the table below to see the Schwalbe Pro One Aero that is available at Rodalink:

Schwalbe Pro One Aero

Why Choose Schwalbe Pro One Line Up as Road Bike Tires

When it comes to road biking, the Schwalbe Pro One Line-Up stands out as the top choice for cyclists seeking superior performance. The Schwalbe Pro One is recommended for road races, training, and all-around road biking, serving as the benchmark for road bike tires with its exceptional quality. For time trial and triathlon competitions, the Schwalbe Pro One TT is the go-to option, offering unmatched speed and efficiency without compromising durability. And with the Schwalbe Pro One Aero, cyclists can experience even greater performance enhancements, boasting 20% less air resistance compared to the Pro One TT. Trusted by champions, athletes, and teams worldwide, Schwalbe tires are the preferred choice for competitions across various disciplines.


Looking to enhance your cycling experience? Consider upgrading to the Schwalbe Pro One Line-Up, available at Rodalink. Whether you’re tackling road races, time trials, or triathlons, these high-performance tires offer unmatched speed, grip, and durability. Visit Rodalink today to explore the full range and gear up for your next ride with confidence.

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